Ram Prabakar Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Respected Prime Minister,

A structure is only strong as its weakest link. A ship that boasts of a strong sail and sturdy hull will still sink even if it has a small hole. People, when looking at the ship, will, more often than not, inflict negative criticism on the small hole. Simply put, the rest of the ship does not matter when it is decided that it will go down. Our country is a pioneer in space research; but is that the first thing that comes into mind when we think India? I don’t think so. The weakest link is corruption; it holds us down from developing into a super power.

‘Spare the rod, spoil the child’. It is a verse that everybody is familiar with. Why does corruption happen? Because the fear of punishment is meager. Step 1: Indulge in corruption (Don’t get caught) Step 2: If caught, pose for the camera, blame the opposition and indulge in more corruption to get out. These two steps seem to be the basic fundamentals for everybody involved in corruption. The bigger scams that we read about in the papers are the ones that have been discovered. My question is this; everyday everybody bribes somebody else to get something done; the desperate rich kid who bribes the cops to get out of a tricky situation; the cop who bribes the head of an institution to secure a seat for his son/daughter; the head who in turn bribes the MLA in his constituency to be silent about the illegal land space he has occupied for constructing his institution. It is a vicious circle and the reason it happens is obvious. The punishment is too simple to be of any impact. I have read an account of the Arabs who invaded Africa. The Africans were taken as slaves but the Arabs faced a significant threat; the Africans outnumbered them one to hundred. If an uprising came about, the Arabs knew that they would be crushed. The employed a simple plan; a thousand of the slaves were brought forward randomly and every possible physical punishment in the kitty of the Arabs was inflicted upon the thousand. The result was extraordinary. Thus one can come to a conclusion that as long as the punishment generates a substantial amount of fear, everything will be in order.

Thus the country needs a fool proof plan to fight corruption. We need to be armed to the teeth to weed out the poison that sucks the life out of our country. Those who stand up against corruption should be acknowledged. The lust for power lures many from the path of the goal. We live in an age where everybody wants everything for themselves. The corrupt must be identified and punishments handed out then and there

That being said, Mr. Prime Minister; as head of the nation there rests an overwhelming responsibility to carry forward the dreams of the nation. Anything and everything that holds those dreams back must be cut off. The Jan Lokpal bill in its prime will become the greatest tool against fighting corruption. Those holding it back are the ones who have something to hide. Personally, I feel that as a Prime Minister you are obliged to sort out differences in the parliament and get the members to focus on passing the bill. Leaving people out of the bill is like putting up a big hoarding that says ‘Hoorah, we can be corrupt and we can still walk around like saints’. The very suggestion that people be left out stinks of corruption. Our constitution states that everybody is an equal before the law. So, what is the point of leaving a loophole?  The bill has to be passed and a trusted committee has to be appointed to look through all cases of corruption. And honestly, I don’t think Ahimsa works. The afore mentioned proverb more than explains that. An individual’s image is the nation’s image; and as long as the individual thinks that his corruption will be small compared to the others around him, he/she will continue to be corrupt. I would like to quote the movie Spider-Man “With great power comes great responsibility”. As a leader it is your responsibility to see through the passing of the Jan Lokpal Bill. I did not want to put this letter out as a guide; it’s the voice of a common citizen crying out loud.

I will continue to believe,

Ram Prabakar

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.