Ramesh Menon’s Ramayana

I have always felt the need to know my scriptures, the epics, the stories and fables that make our lives so much more colourful. It makes us richer in our sensibilities and makes us understand the origin of our culture and heritage. To aid my discovery, I decided to read the Ramayana written by Ramesh Menon. It has been deemed to be the highest selling English version of the classical epic on the website www.amazon.com.

The book details the story of Ram and recites in great detail the entire epic, the foundation of the story and the very end of it. Along with the story, the writer has also presented the fable of Valmiki and other characters of importance in the book. The book took ten years to culminate and while reading it, one can almost see the hard work which went into its creation. The writer has taken great pains in elucidating every tiny detail which appears in the book.

Each story has been hand crafted with delicate precision, profound care and the conviction of a master. The thread of every single anecdote has been strung in such a manner that one would not lose the connection of the entire story with the sudden appearance or disappearance of characters. As there are hundreds of characters, each with his or her unique story to tell, and having an individual importance, it is a mammoth task to bring them on a common platform through the book. The writer here has done a magnificent job.

The research that has gone into writing the book is enormous. Every facet has been adhered to diligently. To my astonishment, every tiny story, something which could have been masterfully omitted, has been included. In his dedication, the writer devotes his work to Rama. The writing is very simple and soothing. The writing can be felt and absorbed. In his exhaustive depiction of every scene and character, one can visualize the events and surroundings with certain vividness.

I recommend to one and all that they read the book. In fact, not just read but understand the deep meaning of life that is explained through the book and the characters. It is a beautiful feeling of peace that one comes across when the book is finished. I have already started reading it for the second time. It gives me an assured healing sentiment which is priceless. I hope you all can have the pleasure of knowing your epic and understanding its value once you read the book.

Hey Ram!

Sayan S. Das

[Image Source: http://www.ancient-astrology.com/images/ramayan.jpg]