Rape Me?

I wish I had the licence to kill! I am a completely sane, civilised and an educated person but the rate at which women around me are being raped by lustful ruthless men, I along with many others like me infuriated and maddened by the prevailing situation want this as one of our basic rights. What appals me is the disparity between the times that we live in and the people that we live among. We live in a time where modernization and globalisation have reached the epitome; where human rights are universally recognised; where everything is out in the open and a click away; where everybody and everything moves at a chop-chop pace and doesn’t even have time to breathe. On the contrary, in this ‘liberalised’ time, we live among such bigots who not only undo what has been done through centuries of revolt, revolution and renaissance but also embed fear in the minds of those who want to move ahead with the times.

Women are raped, irrespective of where they live, their economic and cultural background, their age, and profession. Men rape (those who do), irrespective of where they live, their economic and cultural background, their age and profession. After a rape takes place, the synonymy ebbs away as the victim is looked down upon and is isolated from the rest, the offender is either free to move around, spread his love or in the worst case scenario proclaimed as mentally unfit or having a troubled childhood. To the disappointment of these chaste men, the real world provides extremely contradictory facts and figures. The ones who are mentally unfit or have had a troubled childhood constitute a very small percentage of those who rape. Infact according to my utter amazement the driving force for rape is rarely sexual gratification. What primarily drives someone to commit such a heinous crime is the aggressive desire to dominate the victim and others like her. No wonder according to a research, “In the United States a woman is sexually assaulted or raped every six minutes. 85% of the victims know their attacker and 84% of these rapes go unreported.” If this is the state of the indulgent, radical and progressive women of the US, I am seriously scared to look up the figures for the women in India, the majority of who live in the suppressed society of the backward regions of the country. But it’s hard to close your eyes to what is happening right before your eyes.

The recent loathsome rape cases that have being reported at an outrageous pace have left me numb. I first have to start with the condition of women in Uttar Pradesh which has been under constant media glare thanks to the noise made by the Congress. Whether we should be thanking them or holding our heads is a different, less significant issue that we will look into a little later. It is odd that despite the sensationalism of the issue by the media, pressure from the opposition and measures taken by Mayawati the rate at which dalit (untouchable) girls are being targeted and raped only seems to be on the rise. The hypocrisy of this nation is appalling. Only a week ago was I watching the news where a whole dalit village was punished as a consequence of two of their girls entering a temple to pray. The next day I see that five rapes had taken place in 48 hours, most of them dalit girls. So they can’t enter a temple because they are ‘untouchable’ but you can go ahead rape them and ‘touch’ them in every manner possible, in every way possible. One of these girls was hanged from a tree, one of them stabbed in the eye and one of them (who was just 10 years old) beaten and left to die. All this in a state governed by a Mayawati who is a woman and a dalit! Her vote bank that she flaunts like her diamond jewellery too mainly comprises of dalit votes.

Though all the attention has been knuckled down just to Uttar Pradesh it isn’t true that all the rapists in our country have starting hanging solely in UP and that the other states have become rape free zones. The women in Delhi, the women in Haryana, the women in Punjab, the women in J&K feel as intimidated, insecure and unsafe as the women in UP. It isn’t hard to guess why the Congress has taken up the cause only in UP with protests being carried out on the streets with Rahul Gandhi going out of his way and constituency on mopeds. It is not only pitiful but also mortifying to see political parties indulging in mere mud-racking instead of punishing those who are committing such a shameful crime, creating noise instead of raising a voice. I’d really like to ask DigVijay Singh and Rahul Gandhi how many dharnas, protests and mopet rides have they gone on in Kashmir and Manipur where AFSPA personnel rape and murder women? They very well know how to dodge this question and the opposition too knows how to catch hold of it to teach their opposition a good lesson,, to revive the good old times.

It’s not that our politicians don’t recognise the core issues or don’t know the solutions to such problems, but once they address these problems, the real issues of the aam aadmi what will they be left with to make a noise about? How will they show each other down? To these democratically elected politicians of ours the presence of a vamp in their daily lives is somehow more important than the dignity of a woman. If not the men who rape, I feel the ones we elect are surely mentally disabled. Under the governance of such people, goons ought to roam free and women will continue to get raped. I know the ending is not ideal, but do we live in an ideal world?

Himanshi Chaudhary