RAW Domain Uncovered

The world has grown out of stereotypes. Be it in terms of social interactions, religious rigidities or business ventures, people no longer fear to venture unexplored roads or take risks. As far as education and career is concerned, they are no longer synonymous. A long list of innovative and unconventional career options have emerged alongside conventional courses like engineering, medical, arts and commerce. One such career option is in Biotechnology.

Biotechnology, as the name suggests is an amalgamation of biology with other engineering technologies. It covers a wide range of subjects like genetics, microbiology, chemistry, ecology, health and medicine, animal husbandry, agriculture and crop management, seed technology, soil conversation etc. The application of biotech is wide and so are the career opportunities.

Agriculture sector, pharmaceuticals industry, research and development institutes, clinical research institutes, management and administrative sectors all require and recruit biotechnologists. Thus the education and training requirements in the biotechnology industry vary according to the type of work and the sector involved.

The quantification required in this field are not specific. It requires an overall basic knowledge of all the subjects with special stress on mathematical ability, verbal and lettering skills. It demands dedication in terms of hard work, determination, perseverance, imagination, innovation, originality and team to take you up the ladder of success.

In India, biotechnology is an emerging area of study and knowledge. The number of fresh school pass outs, venturing into this new avenue is increasing with each passing year. Though biotechnology as a subject is mostly offered at the post graduate level, many Indian Universities and colleges are now introducing it at graduation level as well.

It is provided as a three-year B.Sc course or a two-year M.Sc course in some universities and as a four-year B.Tech in reputed engineering colleges like IITs and NITs. However, as biotechnology applies to a variety of fields, people from different background can specialize in the fields of their choice.
Where employment is concerned, biotechnology is one of the fastest growing sectors, second only to multi-media.

The bright young biotechnologists get absorbed in corporate and Government sectors as well as in leading Indian business houses and MNCs and in Government run research and development organizations. Remuneration basically depends on academic qualification and level of work experience. In the corporate sector, fresh pass outs are expected to get annual pay-packages ranging from 70,000 to 1 lakh. Though the commencing amounts are not extremely enthralling, the increments are frequent and decent.

During the past 10 years, the number of employees in this industry has increased by 90 percent. Not only has the employment increased but also the number of biotechnology companies in the country. An increased number of biotechnological MNCs are opening their branches in the country as they view India as a potential market for their products as well as for the human resource required by their organizations.
the ambit of this sector gets acknowledged, more and more people will venture into it making it the most sort-after career option in near future.

Amrita Sarkar