Re-visiting the horrific past?

On June 5, 2011 India woke up to a morning that would shake the bare foundations on which a free and democratic country runs – the government turning against its own people, terrorizing them and hoping that they wouldn’t rise up against them again. They were wrong and the citizens of India won’t bow down to such atrocities and injustice.

In the early hours of the morning, police forces literally “attacked” the Ram Lilla Maidan in New Delhi where an indefinite fast was going on under the able guidance of Baba Ramdev. It was a people’s movement, a non-violent gathering, people were sleeping there peacefully but the government claiming that it would in future turn violent sought to stop it. The police forces brutally conducted lathi charges on men, women and children alike. Is it how a government treats their people? There were tear gas rounds thrown directly at the people. The common man who had gathered there peacefully was suddenly being targeted for no reason whatsoever. The people were injured, some even paralyzed for life because their spine was hit! Even women and the children were not spared! Where is a law that states that the government can do something so heinous as this?

We talk about terrorist and taking action against them what about these politicians who are playing with the lives of the common man? How can a women be beaten up so barbarically without any reason, children bleeding and nobody from the government came to help them and when elections come all rise and say “We are there to help you”! The policemen also tried to start a fire – hell would have been let loose if the fire had spread! There were about 1 lakh innocent people fasting over there – are their lives so unimportant?

This is truly a Jallianwalla Bagh Tragedy again but this time it is more gruesome since it is being committed by our very own “elected” government. This is the show of a weak, inefficient government. Now the government gives a clarification that Baba Ramdev had the grounds on the basis of a Yoga camp and he should speak on political matters. What is wrong with the government authorities? Don’t the citizens of India have a RIGHT TO EXPRESSION and a RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE PEACEFULLY?.

Where is it written in any law book that this is “illegal”? Can’t a common man tell the government its problems? If not then how are we a “free and democratic country”? The government has to answer the people. Banning Baba Ramdev from Delhi for 15 days cannot stop the voice of the people, people would start movements. Even on facebook some youngsters have already started such social movements. Just like the Jasmine revolutions in Egypt started through social networking even India is now on the verge of a revolution if the government doesn’t act straight.

They say our government is corruption free – if they can do such injustice on national television and get away with it no wonder police wallas in police stations don’t file your reports until they are paid bribes. There is corruption at the apex level – the worst form of corruption that has led the government astray and now instead of being a government for the people, by the people and of the people it’s totally the opposite . 500 police men and rapid action force teams couldn’t be arranged in one second , this wasn’t an immediate action against the fast – there was definitely some planning behind.

I know there are mixed opinions upon the issue of supporting Baba Ramdev but is it right to attack anyone who raises his or her voice? There were peaceful protests and nothing more, so what was the hurry? Couldn’t they have waited, told the people to go home? People are divided on this matter but now it’s no longer a matter of supporting Baba Ramdev or not – it’s about democratic rights being snatched away from citizens of a free country. We have to do something about our own problems now. The government is slowly turning into our worst enemy.

Around the same time in the year 1984 our country was facing the same imminent danger that it is facing right now. From 3 – 6June 1984 , the government conducted the Operation Blue Star . An operation condemned by all, against all the rights of a free country and that time too the ruling party was Congress. Is it their nature to always overrule the common man and inflict their brute power on them? The result has been the same – the people’s movement always wins. Though the emergency period brings a dark scene in front of everyone’s eyes and the atrocities the government could cause the common man and morning’s nightmare brings chills down our spines but we have to stand and fight for our own rights. History is being repeated today by the same party and the date also remains the same but this time the people’s strength won’t be crumbled. Voice your opinions and shake the very foundations of such an outrageous government!

People may have differed opinions on this matter but being a democratic country this should stop. I agree that Baba Ramdev is at fault too but right now the question isn’t about who is right and who is wrong ! It’s about our rights, our freedom and our life in this so called “democratic country” . Because of all this drama the real issue of corruption and black money has gone to the sidelines and nobody not even our media talks about it. We have to position our opinions and views at the right place otherwise matters like these can again be buried. All this can be a political stand up to put the issue of corruption at rest. Now we see new leads in such matters. Anna Hazare fought for a cause and we as the supporters of the real hero should see to that this cause is brought up again. Team Anna boycotts the meeting of the Lokpal Bill and for the next meeting wants to postpone it. If we don’t stop the drama , the Lokpal bill will only remain a dream, a free and democratic India with proper rights being granted to the citizens will be only hoped for !

Shivani Singh