Reading May Change your Life – Entirely

Though we have lot of book stores and book fairs in and around the city, we spend so little time to choose what we read. They say, you are what you read. I can hear people say now days, “I cannot do this thing. I cannot sit and read a book as if it’s a style statement. It is not.  It’s clearly a weakness that you expose by saying that you cannot spend some time to enhance your knowledge.

In the recent Chennai book fair, fictions sold out a lot. Many people went on to buy Dahl’s fantasy fictions. Many other chose to settle with health and cook books. The book fair ultimately did not serve its purpose except for a few hundred book worms, who knew what they were doing and why they were doing it.

I particularly failed at this when I tried to make my friends read. They just don’t read. I used to lend them my books and send a short e-mail or message about the book and how it is important, but later I would find that the book remains as fresh as I gave it to them.

Most of the people see, fiction as a fiction. There are so many things a book can give you. May be a fiction or a non-fiction. But the information that it gives you may totally change the way you see the world. Only books can introduce the worlds you never knew existed. The mind when expanded with the knowledge of a book can never shrink to its previous state.

For me, books and information in the books are just ideas. A starting point where I could explore a lot of things, by researching it. If I accept the views of a particular author on a particular issue without any questions, then it’s the failure of the author, a reader and a book. That is what the books are meant for. For Kaizen. For continuous improvement and search.

The modern society has to get benefit only from arts from now on. Because the philosophy’s period is over and people lost trust in politics. One pure form of energy that could make people come out of their depression and well being is now art. Writing is a form of art and so is reading.

People when they come to big cities, feel awkward when they don’t visit a famous cinema hall or beach or shopping mall. But even the residents of those cities are not sure about the place where the library is located. You can always have television and cinema for mindless entertainment (barring few). But you have to put your mind to work if you want to read and really read. It can shoo away your blues. So grab a book right now and get the library card renewed.

Remember what Das Capital did for the world?

Bragadeesh Prasanna

The author is a Business development executive for a MNC. He writes at His hobbies are trekking, photography, cycling and writing.

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