Reality Bites

TRPs are hitting the ceiling with the increasing number of reality shows. Young talents feel these provide the easiest way for one to touch the heights of fame in a short span of time. These shows have managed to give wings to the aspiring dreams of unknown artists. However once the shows are over, these talents (once again) get lost in the state of anonymity waiting for some angel to give them a break and recognition in the competitive entertainment industry.
But providence does not support everyone and there are a very few individuals who reach such heights through these shows. The rest succumb to the tight competition. As earning fame is easy, so is despair – which can easy settle in the lives of these artists. Sinjini is one of the victims of these shows. Few days back this 15 year old was a bubbly, cheerful girl. She was a glamorous dancer and aspired to make a mark in this field. She felt that the easiest way to realize her dreams was to take part in a reality dance show. Inspite of exhibiting a good performance, she received severe criticism from the judges. Sinjini could not bear the staunch criticism and received a mental shock. She consequently lost her lost the ability to speak and move. This incident spread shock waves throughout the State and there was a demand to stop these reality shows. Sinjini had been participating in the show very prominently and had almost reached the last leg of the show, which meant countrywide honour and a financial reward of Rs five lakhl. The judges in the show found her very promising and enthused her amply. Parents of Sinjini said that each audience of the show was expecting Sinjini to win the show. Sinjini was also expecting the same. The judges criticised her and asked her to be more serious in her performances. Though she performed after that, Sinjini finally became a victim of paralysis. The doctors are yet to determine whether the paralysis is a temporary or a permanent one. She is now under treatment in Nimhans in Bangalore. The latest report says that Sinjini has started responding to the treatment. She is moving her eyes and limbs a little.
Sinjini is not only the sole victim of this carnival of glamour. The music reality shows have set very high standards and claim to find a unique artist for the whole nation. Yet, when the voting system starts for the elimination procedure, communalism steams hot. Apart from the voters, the judges as well as the contestants try to procure maximum votes from their original state rather than the whole of the country. This generates a competitive spirit among the states which leads to adverse effects when the favorites get eliminated.
Creativity should be used for unifying purposes. People listen to music and watch dance performances to derive some peace and happiness, but these shows instill ill feelings of nail biting competition and hatred among the contestants. The onus lies on the participants too, for they should be strong enough to face the criticism and have the positivity to work on their flaws. They should understand that these reality shows are mere launching pads but not their goals.
Creativity is a rare attribute and it should be used for good cause.


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