Reasons why living in Delhi is a Blessing!

  • New Delhi is a very well connected City! It is connected well within the borders as well as with other cities! Its location no doubt is the USP of the city! As a result of its prime location, the city is a confluence of all parts of the Country! It truly is a microcosm of the Country!
  • The Diversity of the City is evident from the fact that nobody in the city feels to be a misfit! There would be friends of friends, cousins, distant relations or neighbours of someone living in Delhi making it a home away from home! It is not only a transit city, it Is home for many dislocated too!
  • The Whos Who of Politics are stationed here! Any act of National/International importance is initiated via this city! There is no escaping Delhi, everything goes through this city!
  • Be it road side eating stalls or the plush Fine Dinning of Khan Market and Vasant Vihar, this city caters to the pockets of all those who wish to make a living here! Nobody lives in a denial here, they like to live it fully!
  • Although it is the Capital city, it has its problems of congestion and pollution! However with the environment friendly campaigns and increasing awareness among the people, the Delhi-ites have started becoming more particular about what they do and what they do not do! It is still ranked among the lesser polluted cities in India!
  • Most importantly, it houses the country‚Äôs top ranked University! Every year scores of students from all across the Country and the World aspire to take admission in the University of Delhi! Ranked among the top 50 Universities in the World, the DU is more famous for its Campus life and extra curriculars than the Academics! Living in the Campus among the students is an experience in itself! No wonder some of the biggest names in Indian politics today are from the Delhi University!