Reasons why the World may come to an End in 2012!

  • Global Warming: Global Warming has been a niggling issue for the World for a while now! The situation went worse over the past year when the Nuclear power plant went berserk in Japan and the emissions from the developed Countries came out to be way above the expected limits! The quantum is only expected to grow this year to the extent of destroying the environment completely! Can the World afford to do that?

  • Catastrophes: The world is marred constantly by natural calamities resulting in a huge amount of loss of life and property! Calamities are only expected to rise this year further! With over hundreds of Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, the World may have a problem in survival in the next year!

  • The Population explosion: The world is growing at an unprecedented rate! It is projected that by 2012 it will reach a number that the Earth would be unable to support! With the growing numbers, the problems associated with every civilization are reaching the epitome of mess! After witnessing the Libyan Civil War, the Occupy Wall Street Movement, London Riots and the Egyptian Revolution, the World is only expected to soar to a different level of problems! There could be a possibility of completely overturning of the way the society functions or a complete destruction of the same!

  • Astrologers: Astrologers all across the World had predicted the World to come to an end in 2012! Irrespective of their Nationalities, their predictions for 2012 are the same! Should we believe them and do all that we have to in the time we are left with?

  • Best People no More with us: Some of the World’s greatest achievers are no longer with us! Steve Jobs, Dev Anand, M.F. Hussain and many others have left us this year! Without their positive presence, will the World be livable at all if we happen to survive?