Relax, It’s College

reslife.jpg“You have four years to be irresponsible here. Relax. Work is for people with jobs. You will never remember the class time, but you will always remember the time you wasted hanging around with your friends. So, stay out late. Go out for a movie on Wednesday when you have an exam on Thursday. Spend the money you don’t have. Drink till sunrise. The work never ends but college does.”

College is a place to study life, not books; to experiment with thoughts and not acids; to learn to lead, not just follow. College is not about working hard, it is about making things easier. College is about discovering life the tough way, the true way and yet, the fun way. As far as education is concerned, as Einstein said, education is what remains once you forget all that was taught in school.

The transition from school to college is like the shift from a pond to the Pacific. No uniform, no morning assemblies, no prefects, no homework, no parent-teacher meets, basically, you are free now. You don’t have to wake up at 6 am. anymore; the day starts at 8:30. The rising sun is a sight as rare as the “iid ka chaand”. There are no teachers, there are professors. But who cares, a professor comes, scribbles something on the blackboard, utters some unfamiliar words, while you sleep somewhere on the last bench waiting for the attendance. Books are used only for weight lifting. Libraries are like haunted houses, you don’t want to go there.

You bunk classes to go to the canteen, to meet friends, to check out girls, or the boys, basically to kill time. The principal is a ‘dude’, you have never seen. You imagine him to be an old, bald-headed guy with spectacles. Of course, while some students never get to meet this man in question, there are other unlucky dudes who meet him often, more often than they desire! Classrooms and lecture halls are like graveyards, boring. But soon ring tones from every corner can be heard, or paper planes start flying over your head. A chalk will land on your book and the graveyard has been converted to a disco-of-sorts. College hours end, and the mob goes to the nearest cinema hall, after that to the shopping malls, parks, etc. and finally home. Then you always have time to watch movies and talk to friends on cell.

What about sleep? Well, that is managed in the class the next day. College is the time to chill out. In a survey, 51 per cent college students said that they drink till they can’t pick up calls and the other 49 per cent simply chose not to receive the calls.

Jokes apart, college is about doing something useful while enjoying it. This is when you can be of maximum help to your friends, your society, and your country. Because you are the future, the tomorrow, the revolution that can change the world. Each day at college is an experiment, and the result of each such experiment is experience. Use this experience to move ahead in life.

Prerna Jha

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