Religion: Division of Humanity

It appears as if the entire world has come down to two basic labels – the religious and the non-religious. Theists and atheists. Believing and the non-believers. While there is nothing wrong is being affiliated to a certain belief system, it is almost suicidal to let your believes blind you so thoroughly and completely that you are unaware, intolerant and unappreciative of varying shades of opinions and views. What is even more dangerous, is exploiting the beliefs of others to satisfy personal agendas. The whole humanity has to accept this black and white division of ideas and associate itself to a certain group. Failure to do so would earn one the repute of being a lost, confused soul.


Today, everything is measured on the scale of the belief systems. Even the most irrelevant things are depicted in a ‘religious’ format. Everything has to somehow relate to relate to and affect religions, or else it is at a risk of loosing its creditability. You are either supporting a religion or opposing it. You either glorify a set of belief or bash them. And if you fail to do so, you are not serving the cause of your religion, or that of humanity and other related balderdash! I am quite disturbed by this new race to colour everything religious! I do not see the need to constantly criticise or support belief systems. Religion to me is the ultimate refuge of mankind. Man always seeks the help and accepts the authority of something he can’t explain or comprehend. Whether it be natural forces, paranormal phenomenon or scientific wonders, whatever intrigues man soon has an entire cult to its credit. Mankind willing surrenders itself to anything that has the ability to control it or alter its plans and ideas. Over the years, religion has developed itself from guiding the spiritual life of curious individuals to being the ultimate force behind the creation of new geographical areas!


But today, religion has a complete monopoly over everything. Political motivations find the guise of religion coming to their rescue, and have transformed everything into one large debate of being for the belief system or against it. Ordinary individuals have to be too careful, lest their words or actions annoy certain religions and their followers! Even the most simplest of things are painted controversial by the religious, and to refute them come the non-religious! It seems as if the world has nothing better but to sit all day and accept or discard everything according to religion. As a result, what was supposed to be a refuge for mankind is something they now shun and reject!


This unfairness makes one get up and notice! The entire world is not the playground for the opposers or proponents of belief systems. Religion maybe guiding a few aspects in one individual’s life but that does not give him the authority to impose his belief system over everything and everyone. What is this spiritual guidance that makes man judge everything and breeds intolerance? As far as I know, religion is everything comforting and accepting. Religion may give rules and regulations to order one’s life, but it should be something more personal than public. Everything can not relate to religion and any efforts to do so should be strictly discouraged.


Involving religion in everything simply kills the beauty of individuality. It snubs other views and destroys contrasting ideals. It shuns the mind to ideas and prevents an individual from embracing new ideas.


Kulsoom Javed Khawaja



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