Remembering 26/11

A year on after the most devastating terrorist attack the country has ever seen, every Indian, no matter what caste, creed or religion, stands here looking back to that dreadful day with pity and desolation. What adds salt to the wounds is how the perpetrators across the border and their deadly networks are alive and kicking. What has changed since that doomsday of recent Indian history? The only things that have changed are the names of the organizations which have regrouped after plastic crackdowns by the Pakistani Government. Jamaat-Ud-Dawa, the political wing of the extremist group Lashkar-e-Toiba has resurfaced under a new name, the Falah-e-Insaniat (Human Welfare) Foundation (FIF). All has been lost in war but nothing lost in love. Indian hearts still ache under the shocking despair of scores of fellow countrymen.

After an initial denial that any Pakistani-based group was involved in the raids carried out by 10 gunmen at a Mumbai railway station, two luxury hotels and a Jewish centre, Islamabad started a crackdown in December only when JuD was put on the United Nations Security Council’s list of terrorist groups. The crackdowns were only ostensibly severe. The masterminds behind the massacre are still at large. And what of people who lost their kith and kins in the rampage? One cannot do anything better than to sit and watch the inaction of the government across the border sorrowfully to say the least.

Large rallies and public events have been organized to mark the first anniversary of the deadly attacks. The sad demise of hundreds of innocent people is still lingering in our minds. Mumbaikars have united for that cause and elsewhere Youngistan is still fuming at the rampage. But nothing decisive has occured since then. The killers are free and fine. The lone captured terrorist is fed loads of meat; is being taken care of in an extremely hospitable manner and the Indian judicial system is still debating on the punishment that has to be meted out. Government is pointing at LeT and its political wing.But across the border,the top brass is turning deaf years to the cries.

The situation calls for a social upheaval that demands a full stop to all the genocide the world is witnessing. The learned young should unite, come forward and pledge to be the catalysts of the change. We Indians are an affected lot and we bear more responsibility to act quickly. The first anniversary of 26/11 does nothing but give a wake up call to the dormant but all powerful youth of the country to wake up and wage their diplomatic war. With a heart full of sorrow and a mind full of vengeance, let us all voice our opinions and question the officials for, inaction is a preposterous form of crime. On an average, around 300-400 people die of terrorist attacks in our country and the numbers get bigger year on year. It is high time we eradicated the virus once and for all.

Jai Hind

Pradeep Sekhar

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