Renu Rastogi Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Sir,

We have very high hopes from you or should I say we had. But still there is lot that can be done, if you are serious about it.

I think there are many areas where we need lot of work, but to bring the change we have to start somewhere.

The basic requirement today is to have some discipline. Be it on the road, offices or corporate, to bring it we would have to adhere to rules in every sphere of life and that can be possible only if we want to bring ethics and honesty back in life; so punish everyone who is corrupt irrespective of status or amount, a lesson must reach everyone that we are serious and corruption will not be tolerated.Then, we must build the roads only then bring the cars, whereas we are doing the exact opposite of that.

It’s a sad state that we don’t have good roads even in big cities, and our villages and small towns are total chaos. We must have a proper public transport system one that is properly integrated. Our leaders spend crores of rupees on foreign trips but never bring anything good from there; see the transport in Zurich, how smoothly it runs and how well its integrated, be it the availability, ticketing , punctuality or comfort. The day we get something like that, our roads will get decongested.

Nobody should get a driving license without proper tests and training, if we follow this rule we shall be saving hundreds of lives and lots of money which goes waste because of accidents.

We neither have shortage of talent, nor resources, it’s the will to do anything honestly, that is lacking, and we can get it only through proper enforcement of rules.

I hope I am not wishing for something impossible.

Thanks and Regards,

Renu Rastogi

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.