Reply To Arundhati Roy’s Article

It seems few international medals and some worldwide attention has eaten up Arundhati Roy’s brain. With a single stroke of her pen she has diverted the whole issue. Perhaps she was forced to write that incredulous article after being out of limelight for so long. Now getting back to the main issue, it’s painful to see that as a person of such stature you have underestimated the people of India. The peaceful protests are not only a symbol of frustration but also against misrule of the people who govern us.

Mrs. Roy, your article is taking on a personal tone rather than focusing on pros and cons of jan-lok pal. How can you say that the bill would result in de-centralization of power when it talks about setting up lokayukta’s at state level? Your comparison of Maoist with Anna can be termed nothing but preposterous.

Bringing in the issues like naxalism Naxalism and Kashmir at a time, when our country is so united against corruption certainly creates doubts in our minds that you have been paid to write this article. Don’t you think that the corruption is the root cause of all these so called issues you represent? If all the money allocated for development of tribal’s are spent for that particular purposes, then we wouldn’t have seen naxalism Naxalism in our country.

Anyone can write such dumb articles sitting comfortably in their bungalows, come out of there, visit some places around you and see for yourself what real India is and what corruption has done to it. It’s very easy to cook up some stories and raise questions on a person’s credibility, but sometimes you have look inwards too. pls Please go and visit ralegan Ralegan siddhi Siddhi and you will get a picture of what kind of person Anna is.

I don’t see any more merits in this argument, we support Anna Hazare because he has awakened India after 60 years. To say that stopping corruption won’t benefit poor is sickening, you should ask the blind old man or the pregnant lady of Uttar Pradesh who deserved free treatment but never got it due to corruption. Hope you read the news in the very same paper you wrote this article, about a man who got Rs 98,000 rs sanctioned by the govt Govt for his heart surgery but is still running from pillar to post to get that money, he was asked for a bribe of Rs 10000 rs.

Moreover, just because this movement has got massive support from middle class, it does not make it illegitimate. Rather we should appreciate that middle class has been awakened and are not fooled by caste politics. For god’s sake it’s a fight against corruption, don’t play the caste card.

Though the points raised by you need to be addressed, but this is not the time for it. Please don’t try to malign Anna’s name, you are throwing mud on yourself. What we witnessed in the past one week was nothing un-democratic.
We do have faith in parliament but not in parliamentarians. Please switch on your PC and start working on your next Novel, we are eagerly waiting to read it.

Finally please don’t become a mouthpiece of congress.

Sethuraman KS