Reprieve from the Ridiculous ‘Cut-off Mark’ Syndrome

Thanks to technology now it is possible that education need not be subjected to only the number of seats available in a college. In this day and age of high technology some institutions are still following primitive policies. On the one hand we propagate importance of top grade education for every student and on the other some institutions are cutting off their enthusiasm for studying in high-end institutions or settle for second best or head for foreign countries leading to brain drain. These kinds of preposterous ‘cut-off mark’ policies open options for corrupt practices and unfair means both on the part of students as well the colleges. The world has now become a global village but primitive education systems are still followed by many renowned institutions, where every student sits under one roof to be able to study like it used to happen two hundred years ago in villages.

Today, technology is such that if a class is going on in Delhi, a student can study sitting anywhere in the Country through video conferencing in specified centers of that institution. This is already happening in many top grade post graduate institutions in India, like IIMs which are conducting extensive classes in various parts of India and abroad in their affiliated centers through video conferencing conducted by highly educated lecturers who are taking class on camera and students are attending classes all over the Country and abroad at the same time. Students in batches are given the opportunity to get on-campus training for fifteen days to one month. Rest of the course is held in their own cities or towns in their respective centers through video conferencing.

This kind of education entails sophisticated technology, equipment and highly skilled management. It is a matter of willingness on the part of the institution or college and each one of these colleges of high repute can accommodate every single student, above an average grade, wishing to study in their particular institution. Undergraduate colleges in India too can have similar centers and conduct classes on camera.

Sohani Gandhioke