‘We don’t need no education’. It seems our Indian government has taken this Pink Floyd’s anthem to heart. Really, the last thing they seem to be interested in is providing us with education. Forget about good education.

Here is an RTI filed by Youth For Equality (YFE), seeking to get information about all the provisions made in universities for proper implementation of the reservation quota by the government. We need not say anything. Their reply speaks for itself.

We need to have adequate provisions, infrastructure, money, facilities before we can embark on such a ‘well-thought out’ plan. Empowerment should mean empowerment for all. Not just the politicians getting their respective seats of power. Because development is never about vested interests, it is about walking hand in hand with the fellow country men towards greater prosperity.

The government may not care about us. But we do care about India’s future and it is time we show our concern. This RTI is an eye-opener. Let us take up the cause of demanding what is our right.

Just a plea to the authorities – Please sirs and madams, don’t cut our lives into pieces, because of your vested interests. We need education.

These are the questions that YFE submitted –

The government’s response –

Information and Image Courtesy: YFE