Rethinking 26/11

Its very true,you can’t empathize with someone in pain till you have been through the same.Its almost like watching shows on something as hotly debated as global warming sitting on the couch in your comfort zone.You cannot experience the real danger till the time you see the glaciers receding before your eyes.

For any normal Indian a terror attack would just be a hot issue for discussion in schools,colleges,offices,and various public forums.The number of people who died and the amount of loss suffered, merely a figure in the headlines.And the very next day,life gets back to normal as if nothing ever happened.The soldiers die in rescue operations.The survivors are given gallantry awards.but the big question is -” Does it make any difference to me?”

An 18 year old college going student would have a hundred of things to bother about than the hundreds who lose lives fighting the battles against the evil of terrorism and millions who die victims of the same.We may join facebook and orkut groups of fighting against terrorism..but what more.A year back we all sat glued to our T.V screens watching the entire episode with excitement equivalent to seeing an action film,but the question is “How many of us care about something of that sort?”

I fail to find an answer to this question.We cannot feel or understand the agony faced by the people who lost their loved ones in that incident,because we were lucky enough to be safe,and have our loved ones with us.We do big talks of fighting against terrorism and using the “potential” in the youth for peaceful purposes.But what we need right now is to develop a sense of oneness and love for our fellow Indians.

So this 26/11 lets come together,not for the sake of it,not because its fancy to talk against terrorism,not because its what the solemn date demands us to do. But because we realise the pain and agony our fellow brethren have been through and we really care.

Jennifer Snug

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