Review- X Men:First Class

Well now this is one hell of a “kickass” movie!! The cast was perfect and with Matthew Vaughn in the director’s chair, this movie turned out much better than the last two films which forays intoforayed into the world of the X-Men.

In the film, MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) seeks out young Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), whom at this point in his life is a quickly rising expert in the field of mutant expertise, and sporting a full head of hair, as opposed to the bald, wheelchair-bound version of the character played by Patrick Stewart in the previous films.

Xavier, along with an emerging group of mutants (including younger, more fleshed out versions of several characters from previous films, such as Hank McCoy/Beast [Nicholas Hoult] and Raven/Mystique [Jennifer Lawrence]) must stick together to save mankind from the evil Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), a cold blooded former Nazi, and the single most despicable “X-Men” movie villain to date. The film takes you back to the era of 60’s with Nazis making a ruckus all around.

It tells the compelling yet roundabout tale of how Magneto (surely one of the all-time great comic book villains, here played with slow-burn intensity by Michael Fassbender) and Xavier met, bonded, thenand then parted ways as enemies. We witness the birth of the X-Men, and see how the Nazis made him the complex character of Magneto. There’s plenty of audience-engaging action; the characters, for the most part, are also engaging, and the movie is never boring.
This film was 132 minutes long but didn’t feel like a minute over 90. More than anything, this film was just fun and exhilarating and goes a long way takes a big step to elevate the genre of superhero movies into high art.

There’s so much more to say about this film, there were many cameos (which were amazing!). In the end i Iwill have to say, though, MOST IMPORTANT: This film had the single best use of the single F word allowed in a PG-13 film ever. Period. Not a single one of you could possibly disagree with me. (HINT: Hugh Jackman)

Pranav Dixit