Rewinding The Viral Videos Of 2014


We are at the finish line of 2014 and that means it’s time to pick out the most trending videos of 2014. Certain videos went viral more than the others. Although these might not be the most viewed videos on Youtube, they definitely are the ones that got people talking. We give you a lowdown on what was hot in 2014. From straight up dangerous to outlandish acts, we got you covered with the best among the best.

  • Narendra Modi in Aap Ki Adalat was among the top trending videos of 2014. This interview conducted saw the Prime Minister of India being grilled by Rajat Sharma just days before he became the number one man in the country.

  • Nike football: winner stays saw the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic strutting their stuff with a bunch of young footballers in this incredible video.

  • iPhone 6 Plus bend test: There was a lot of hoopla surrounding the iPhone 6 when it was launched this year. Rumors were floating around that the phone starts bending inside people’s pockets. So does it really bend? Watch the video to know more.

  • Lion shows tourists why you must stay inside your car: There’s a reason why lions and humans don’t live together. The minute you invade a lion’s space, you know you’re in a lot of trouble. These guys got a demo of why you must never get out of your car when on a safari or otherwise.

  • The seatbelt crew: Indians consider transgenders holy – someone who is touched by the almighty. Most of us might have been blessed by a hijra at a traffic signal at least once. These hijras educate us on following simple safety procedures while driving in the busy lanes of India.

Somesh Chandran

Image Source [Google]