Rhythm Divine

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You haunt me,

Through the sultry afternoons, as I stare up at the whizzing ceiling fan.

Like the chiming bells, you wake me up from my slumber,

Hop about the hands of the clock, ticking away,

Seconds, minutes,



Wild, voluptuous, and regal, the graceful walk of a tiger reminds me of you.

Thoughtful swaying of the elephant’s ears,

Thunderous waterfalls in Cherrapunji,

Cascading rivers in North India,

Water dripping from the tap in the kitchen-

All shimmer in your glory.


I soar high with you.

Like a stray kite, no strings attached.

You apprise me with rhythm.

Healing my wounds,

Raising me from the ashes.

You are a Phoenix.


Quivering and blazing, rising up like smoke,

Transporting me into phantasmagoria-

You are Afroza, the quintessence of fire.

You smile at me as I twirl around to glance at the mirror,

Teasing my averse locks,

Exhausting every effort at taming them.


I catch glimpses of you, as you glide past me-

Zooming and riding on robust clouds.

You adorn them with their silver lining.

And, when they burst under your feathery weight,

You soak me in your enigma.

Tickling me, rolling down my face.


Call it madness, addiction or

A sinful attraction.

You, a burning lamp.

I, the shameless moth.

Your flickering flames burn me in.

Glistening my hues, I glitter like gold.


Dance, the Rhythm Divine.

You, a mother/master.

I, the child/slave.

You give wings to my heart,

Urging me to break free.

To surrender.


A living death or reincarnation.

You are expression, experience, existence.

When tears of agony and sheer joy

Blend in with my blood and sweat-

I become you.


Sangeeta Purkayastha

Image Source: The Viewspaper