Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert.T.Kiyosaki

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad – What the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and the middle class don’t!” A cover page that shouts the entire content of the book aloud!  I recently attended a money management workshop in which a financial consultant recommended this book very strongly to us! He also warned us that this book was a very powerful one and could metamorphose our lives beyond our dreams. He also added that one shouldn’t read it if one really was scared of the truth about money! That really made me curious and to some extent, provoked! What was the truth about money and why should people be scared of it? I wanted to know the answers for that myself! But, being caught in the stereotype cycle of life that followed suit, I didn’t really find time to seek out the answers. Not long after that, I saw that the book had been recommended by “The Outlook” magazine for all M.B.A. aspirants. Being one spirited aspirant myself, I could no more resist! The very same evening, I browsed through a lot of book stores in the city and finally managed to get hold of a copy!

The first point worth mentioning about this book is that it is no book based on wishful thinking or some random theoretical knowledge. It is a total reflection of the author’s learning all through his life right from an early age of 9. Robert.T.Kiyosaki , the author of this book , also referred to as “The Millionaire School Teacher” explains the reason for the gap between the rich and the poor . He beautifully exemplifies it with the lives of two people: His own dad, whom he refers to as the “Poor Dad” in the book and his friend Mike’s dad whom he refers to as his “Rich Dad”. This book is a summary of the six valuable lessons he learnt from his Rich Dad all through his lifetime. For a book that has its roots in finance, it really isn’t one bit boring! In fact, it goes on like an interesting story and you will find it hard to put it down! The author deserves appreciation for the fact that he has made finance and investment totally appealing and understandable to a layman! You don’t have to be any financial expert to read this book!

He has distinctly demarcated the line between what our educational system is giving us and what it fails to give us! He points out the need for a great deal of financial literacy in today’s world with a lot of simple instances! As the financial consultant warned me about, I did experience quite a lot of rude shocks when the book threw cold water upon my approach to money! Nevertheless, they were all true! The author argues that, against the general conviction that more money can make a person happier, it actually doesn’t! It is only a never ending rat race. He accentuates the fact that as long as people work for money not realizing their potential to make money work for them, they can never taste true happiness! One more outstanding thing about the book is the way he has disentangled the enlaced meanings of the words “Asset” and “Liability” in it! The best part is that, this book contains no big figures or sophisticated calculations. The author has succeeded in getting his point straight through, with the help of simple pictures and flow charts.

One more thing that I personally liked about the entire learning process of the author was his maturity to follow the right person. Poor Dad, a highly educated gentleman was his own dad who always insisted on his’ pursuing a higher qualification so as to settle down in life with a secure job. Had the author chosen to follow his dad’s advice, he would have probably ended up as one of those so-called top notch executives. Much worse, he might have been reduced to reading some book on financial literacy now! But he chose to use his emotions to think, rather than think with his emotions and followed his friend’s scholastically not-so-educated but financially literate dad, Rich Dad.

Although this book has been subjected to a lot of criticism by financial experts, I would heartily recommend it without any reservation to all people, especially the working class. For it is they who need to know where all the money that they are earning right now is going! This is indeed a book to be read if you want positive changes echoing all over your life in the days to come!

Ashwath Ramachandran

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