Right to a Nuclear Free World

We humans –God’s gift to nature – have a right to live a life, which is free from destruction, devastation and bloodshed. Nuclear weapons symbolize mass destruction that ends up shattering the lives of thousands of people. Each and every country, whether rich or poor, developed or underdeveloped, has been dreaming of unleashing the power that lies imprisoned within the tiniest particle of matter, which could devastate an entire community in a split second.

Take the example of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; cities that were completely destroyed by the U.S. during the second world war .This nuclear explosion took place more than 60 years ago but the people have still not been able to free themselves of the curse that gripped them on that fateful day of the explosion. Nuclear explosions not only cause widespread human loss, but material and economic loss too. It has been estimated that almost the whole of the existing world would be destroyed if there is a third world war. The desire for a nuclear weapon-free world is a topic of concern in today’s world. They are not just weapons but also the symbols of prestige for a country. Some countries believe that nuclear weapons have become necessary for survival in the 21st century as safety devices. But do we really need such weapons for safety and security? Cannot a country survive without a nuclear weapon? Well, the answer is yes, a country can survive without nuclear weapons and even without an army. The best example of this is the one of the most beautiful countries on earth; Switzerland. It does not have an army, no wars , no weapons of mass destruction and no hatred amongst people. Human greed to gain power and man’s dominating nature has changed the meaning of war. War in this age will be more virulent, more destructive and devastating. Therefore we the youth have to put a stop to this. Who is not aware of the horrifying effects of these weapons? A nuclear free world is now no more a fanciful idea. Various countries are joining hands together for. this cause. In ancient times, most countries wanted to rule the weaker nations. But the youth of today believe in maintaining friendly relations with other nations and want peace above anything else. They do not want any wars or battles which result in the deaths of innocent people. Infact, when a nuclear weapon is manufactured in a nuclear station, the nuclear waste is dumped, as it cannot be dispersed. When it is dumped outside, either it flows with the river waters or floats on the surface. The people living in the adjoining areas will naturally be affected and the recovery chances are negligible. So there should not be any wars and use of nuclear weapons, as it has been proved to be dangerous for all forms of life over the ages. We do not want a THIRD WORLD WAR. We will fight tooth and nail to make this world a better place to live in. We have the support from the world’s largest peacekeeping institution, that is, the United Nations Organization.

SO, Let’s join hands to fight for a nuclear weapon free world. We owe it to ourselves, our future generation, and our planet.

Shelly Mahajan

[Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/woodysworld1778/2346454162/]