Ripunjay Kumar Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister



The Prime minister of India,

Sub: To take a remarkable step against corruption

Dear Sir,

I am Ripunjay Kumar, a common man of India.

I have great respect for you. I want to say that now-a-days the situation of our country is awful. All the people, from a peon to a director, officer level staves are corrupt. I don’t want to mention any particular individual because everybody is alike. No one is ready to miss the chance to be a scammer.

Your decisions to inflate the cost of daily use items act just like thunder attacks for middle class or lower middle class families. You must consider and take a step against this situation and give some peace to all the citizens of India. Mahatma Gandhi said that “The soul of India lives in its villages.” But sir, you can see the situation of the villagers. Villages are places where all people are struggling to be alive.  On one hand, in the city all equipments and facilities are available, and on the other hand, in villages the situation is so awful that people are compelled to rush to cities. I belong to Bihar, where the situation is the worst. Survival isn’t easy for people living in Bihar. People are living in dark areas, even today. No electricity, no money, and no food.

The internal situation of India will never allow it to become a developed country.

And I believe you are the only responsible person who can play a vital role to root out the problems from this country.

Sir, I want to share my opinion. It is clear that there is no scarcity of money in our country.  Big scams are taking place day by day and we don’t know how many more are in process. I want to ask that why you don’t pass any independent committee that can watch every step of governmental and non-governmental departments. You must consider about governance that would be transparent. And one last thing, reservation must be followed on the basis of economical status not caste.

Yours sincerely,

Ripunjay Kumar

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.