Rise: Blood Hunter- Searching for my sanity!

_risebloodhunter.jpgWhy did I watch this movie? In its list of credits, there was one name that attracted me- Marilyn Manson, one of the best industrial-metal artists and besides, Golden Compass was sold out. Cursing my luck, I hoped fervently for something that would compliment my popcorn.
Rise is a movie which is a rehash of some very unimaginative movies made on vampires.

I have watched the very badly made Underworld series, the extremely boring Van Helsing and yes, to the horror of many, the yawn fest that is the Blade series. Unbelievably, Rise makes these movies look like cult classics.

Lucy Liu stars as Sadie Blake, a reporter for LA weekly, trying to make to the cover page and her attempt at getting there gets her mixed with a few underground Metal Clubs. The next thing she knows is waking up in a morgue and realizes she has been raped, killed and then turned into a vampire. Shocked and repulsed by her own constant need for human blood, she tries to “kill” herself again…only to realize she can not die!

The audience yawns, praying she succeeds in meeting her maker. The movie shifts from one disconnected scene to the other. She is then trained (now, is she?). Given a harpoon for a weapon and a shaky station wagon, Liu seeks to avenge her “death” and stop the blood sucking vampire family from killing and converting again.

She decides to start at the bottom of the food chain and begins her “hunting” spree to be helped by an alcoholic cop (Michael Chiklis) who has lost his daughter to the same family.

The movie is badly made and the story is predictable. The director had previously written Snakes on a Plane. Tragically for the audience, he has maintained his pathetic standard of creating abysmal movies.

Lucy Liu is wasted in this attempt at film making; her role has absolutely no meat and she has sleepwalked through the movie. She spends more time outside her clothes than in them. Chiklis as the cop is bland and boring. The movie’s attempt at a thriller is, at best, passable. Someone looking for to be scared might want to avoid this movie; unless of course, the fact such bad movies continue to be made gives you the willies.

One question that continues to baffle me is the equation of Metal music with Vampires. Goths and Metal-heads are different – a little information for all those who were confused!

Finally, if you are looking for a movie with cheap thrills and an avalanche of titillating scenes and corny dialogues, well, you have the best of that in Rise. Now that a sequel is in the making, the future of human sanity is under serious threat!!

Patanjali Pahwa