Rising Temperatures

It’s the month of April, year 2010. A Sunday, I am on off obviously (Now that’s what I call an advantage while working for US), lying on my bed, thinking what can I do to make it happening, a true enjoyable weekend for myself? The IPL is on high, I can go out to watch a match, or may be go out for a movie, or hey, how about some cool shopping in any famous market of Delhi like Cannaught Place or Central Mkt? And then I asked myself, is it possible to go out of home? Though its 4’o clock in the evening, weather should be a little cooler than it usually is when noon is on its peak. But it’s not what the truth is, even if day is going to dusk, the temp in the city is around 43 deg Celsius, good enough to melt a whole pot, full of solid chocolate, or a statue of Wax. I don’t think I’ll go out and enjoy doing anything (even if I am not made of wax, but that much of heat actually hurts); I may rather end up lamenting myself.

Had I been of 15 years of age (10 years back to be precise), would that be the same case? I mentally answered to myself a NO. So what has gone so wrong in these 10 years, why has the heat sped up so fast?

And here comes the answer, as long as I know and understand, GLOBAL WARMING (I understand everybody knows what it is, thus not explaining trusting your wisdom and knowledge) has to be given the credit (for ruining all my vacations and weekends from mid March to Mid July ?, every year now, or may be it’ll stretch this duration of months also, later on) for human beings to helplessly suffer and bear (specially those who stays outside)… but the question occurs, is, are we that poor indeed….is Mother nature being cruel to us?

And this is when I recollected some good teaching of my parents,” Son, What goes around, comes around”.

Yes, Mother Nature is not being cruel to us; it’s the case, absolutely opposite. We’ve developed ourselves a lot and are progressing with each and every passing day, week, month or year…the more we are growing & developing, the more we are using machines, causes emissions of Green House Gases like Carbon Dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide etc. into the atmosphere. Our Air conditioners, Refrigerators, vehicles (& the list goes on and on) are a part of these devil machines and factors, causing direct emissions of these gases and indirectly helping global warming to grow up and swallow the humanity, in some matter of time, may be in 2012  (LoL…..i am so much influenced with Movies)… oops, let me get back to the point…Are we going to hand over our children a world where no season called ‘Winter’ exists…and what exists is the diseases causes due to high & rising temperature, shall our children be able to enjoy our Christmas and New Year Celebration wearing Jackets, sweatshirt or coats…or they’ll rather blame their forefathers (us obviously) for this inherited environment…well the thought just shivers me…I would like them to get what was given to us, without any changes in that, because nobody can own EARTH or ATMOSPEHERE, so we shouldn’t have a right to spoil this too…

I’ve decided, I’ll make sure to switch off all the lights/electronic items before I leave, I’ll keep my office’s A/C (since I don’t have one at home, to ensure I don’t cause much of mess up) to 21 degree Celsius or above, I’ll make sure to shut down my System in office or at home, rather than just logging it off, I’ll make sure not to contribute in Tree cuts by using as less as possible paper/ print outs, I’ll either keep my car at home or use it for pooling with my colleagues/ friends, to ensure minimum emissions of fuel and Gases.

I think I am doing my bit, not by becoming DEFENDER OF THE EARTH or a SUPERHERO but by just taking care of these small things……

Ask yourself, what do you think about it?

Krrish Chauhan

Image Source: [http://www.solcomhouse.com/images/Global_Warming.gif]