Ritika Kothari Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Manmohan ji

It is really a great effort on the part of The Viewspaper to give the youth a voice to channelize their thoughts and put forth the questions to the supreme.

I am Ms. Ritika Kothari a Master Student in Planning from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. I have been visiting many places as a part of our course curriculum and have a few observations & a question that I wish can be answered. I would like to narrate an incident and then put forth the question.

The story starts with my recent visit to the rural India that left me spellbound, the Kutch district is known for its beautiful handicrafts and camel rides, the Rann of Kutch (desert) as it stands is a testimony of the million stories of the unvoiced Residents. This particular village Sikra that we visited was a unique one, it was in stark contrast to the perceptible picture that we had in our minds.

On our arrival we were greeted with a group of Senior Citizens and an informal chat with them, made it clear that it was a laidback slow village .With eagerness I moved further to explore what the village had to offer .I was met with disappointment when I didn’t find any handicrafts workshop nor was there any life.

This was the most unexpected situation that I was confronted with. A village has some essence, a life to it, which symbolises Rural India. This was lacking, in fact not existing. I wondered as to how there could be such contrasts, on one hand we see the beautifully scripted Gujarat Tourism Advertisement with Amitabh Bachchan promoting Kutch and on the other nobody is concerned about the alarming situation in a village of the same district.

People are moving out; well they always do .Its human to get attracted towards better opportunities. As someone quoted in a recent discussion Migration is a law of nature. Animals and birds migrate and human history is all about migrations across cultures.”

But what strikes me the most is the impact that this phenomenon causes.

My question is whether this situation is due to the rapid development of Urban India or is it just the outcome of lack of opportunities in the rural setup?

The youth are moving towards better opportunities in the cities. There are policies and programme that talk about rural development but there is no strict implementing & monitoring mechanism for the same. I would not like to highlight the corruption part involved but apart from that there are many technical reasons dues to which these issues in implementation are taking place. My observation is that India has a very vast resource pool, and that is being drained out by the private players. If the Government plunges into this head on and instead of just issuing policies & programmes; can’t we also incentivise the people in some way to work towards the rural development? As one of our faculty Subhrangsu Goswami suggested – “Can there be a supporting hand book that specifies how the policies can be implemented”. In my view the youth of today is talented and well equipped but they are hesitant to work with or for the government set up due to the casual attitude and the lower remuneration as compared to the private companies.Hope this vital issue is taken into consideration and there are reforms attracting more youth to work for Development of India.

Ritika Kothari

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.