Robots To Walk the Ramp?

The field which was till now considered solely the domain of humans will now have friends from the scientific world competing for the top position. The most exciting profession for youngster all around the world is now going to witness a revolution in the form of a black haired cybernetic fashion model, which is going to walk the ramp in a fashion show in Japan, developed by the researchers at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.


This latest development is known as HRP-4C. It features 30 motors that help the model to walk and move her arms and 8 motors on the face that help her express a range of emotions from surprise to shock and anger. She looks like an average Japanese woman weighing 95 pounds, 62.2 inches tall with a petite silver and black body, fair skin with a small nose and shoulder length black hair.


In her first demonstration, she demonstrated the skill of speech recognition when she posed in front of the flashing cameras and pouted sulkily according to the commands of the journalists transmitted through Bluetooth devices. However, the performance was not absolutely flawless because there was a mix up of facial expressions- a mistake that the inventors put down to a case of the nerves as a hail of camera shutters confused her sound recognition sensors. The inventors have also made a desperate effort to make sure that she doesn’t resemble humans and thus have used an anime style to make her look different from the other “pretty” Japanese girls.


Japan boasts of one of the leading robot industries in the world with government backing to help the industry grow which in turn would help the growth of the economy. In this respect, Honda came up with Asimo and numerous other robots from the Science Universities in Japan.


This newest model to hit the ramp is still not ready to face the spotlight in Milan. Still short of the required standard, the model has an average height and a pretty ordinary figure. Her knees are permanently bent and her feet lack the sensitive balance of a real human. As of now she is also incapable of helping with other chores and thus can only be used to draw and entertain crowds in amusement parks or be used as an exercise instructor.


This model however doesn’t come cheap. Even though one may love her, her cost and maintenance commands the kind of money that not every consumer can afford. A date with this sultry model would cost one a whopping 3 million USD. Its viability cannot be commented upon as of now since she is still in the amateur stage. No other details about her maintenance has been furnished by the industry and one will have to wait for her to hit the real fashion world to prove that this 3 million dollar woman can perform better than a 6 million dollar man.


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