Rock n Roll: The long gone friend

The screaming guitars, the high pitched squeals, the child-like-vocals, the rhythmic drum pattern, tight leather jeans and the rebellious attitude, all defined rock n roll. ‘Rock n roll’ wasn’t just about drugs or other kinds of narcotics, those weren’t required at all. One just had to go onstage and mesmerize the crowd with the respected instrument they are assigned to play.

But sadly ‘rock n roll’ has seen itself being wiped out from the world , mainly after the 90’s when pop and rap began to take over the music industry. Now everybody wants to listen to good hip-hop tunes that satisfy their dancing style. Music has now become a co-activity with dance and is no more related to its ambience. ‘Rock n roll’ once used to be everywhere but its popularity has decreased. It lasted throughout the 70’s and 80’s and just sank during the 90’s .

People have forgotten what the roots of the music they listen to are and where the style emerges from. If today one goes to a rock show, it would be emptier than a banker’s heart. But the ticket counter of a pop show would be filled to the brim.. The reason is of no significance but the solution matters, that is ‘rock n roll’ being introduced to the world once again through mediums like radio, television and other kinds of media forms. Rock n roll deserves to get its fame back because Talent should be recognized and respected. It’s a Wong Way to the Top If You Wanna Rock n Roll.

Rohant Chadha
(The Writer is a 15 years old, Class X student)