Romancing with the Moon

I steal a glance,

he peeps at me,

and both of us light up with glee…

ohh how easy it can sometimes be,

romancing with the moon…


a tired soul,

a weary mind,

a better friend I couldn’t find…

so unique and one of its kind,

is my romance with the moon…


counting hours,

until its night,

the world watches a lovers plight…

but nothing ever could feel so right

as romancing with the moon…


the soothing calmness,

the tranquil skies,

a million dreams in twinkling eyes,

all shared with no surprise,

while romancing with the moon…


no love affair,

has a trust so fine,

he knows I’m his and I know he is mine…

despite a million odds in line,

is my romance with the moon


an unspoken promise,

that we always keep,

to meet before we go to sleep…

as fate takes a boundless leap,

while romancing with the moon…


dancing in the rain,

singing with the stars,

makes me forget life’s painful scars…

and im swept away in a world that’s ours,

while romancing with the moon…



Writers note

We as humans, all feel the need of solitude sometimes—the need to stay away from the crowd…the need to spend time alone, the need to protect ourselves from the hurt which we fear would eventually stem, from all things transient.

This piece is written in one such a frame of mind.


‘Romancing with the moon’ is symbolic of believing in the small gleam of hope which is capable of lighting up the darkest of nights, the tiny glitter of permanency which promises to never leave our side—the connection with our selves, the rendezvous with our soul, the whisper of our heartbeats, the conversations with our inner voice.


Even though the metaphorical ‘moon’ is light years away from us, he still manages to evoke in us a guarantee that there is someone who will always be willing to listen to our side of the story, the one link capable of  bridging the distance between soulmates separated over space and time—‘OUR CONSCIENCE’!!

Priyanka S Naik

The author is a bohemian by nature and a gypsy at heart…a doctor by profession & a dreamer by choice…sometimes euphoric, sometimes jaded…sometimes a well balanced person and sometimes a crazy cookie…obsessive compulsive on some days, manic depressive on others. In short, a paradox trying to figure herself out in this confusion called ‘life’ while her mind meanders in her realm of unhinged thoughts, reflective fiction, retrospective ramblings & nostalgic moments. You can read more of her on her blog–