Round Two For Emily Thorne

“To believe that a life is meant for a single purpose, one must also believe in a common fate. Father to daughter, brother to sister, mother to child. Blood ties can be as unyielding as they are eternal. But it is our bonds of choice that truly light the road we travel. Love versus hatred. Loyalty against betrayal. A person’s true destiny can only be revealed at the end of his journey, and the story I have to tell is far from over.”

Emily Thorne is back. And by back, I mean back in season two –this is clearly not meant for those of you watching Revenge on Star World as it airs every Saturday and Sunday. I mean really! Keep up.

Season one left us with a distraught Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) finding out that her mother isn’t dead, as she’d previously been made to believe by her father. We’ve seen her kick some serious ass before, especially when faced with the “white-haired man”, but that was the first time she actually let go and cried, fully expressing her disbelief and confusion.

We also saw the exquisitely stoic Victoria Grayson’s (Madeline Stow) tragic demise in the explosion of the same aircraft she was on with Lydia Davis, and a whole bunch of evidence against that annoying husband of hers, Conrad. The beautiful mess, Charlotte Grayson, was last seen overdosing on sleeping pills. Pretty little rich boy, Daniel, had his heart broken by Emily, who sort of left him for Jack Porter –she almost came out as the real Amanda Clarke, but annoying fake Amanda turned up with a very pregnant belly.

While her “best friend”, the ambitiously leggy Miss Ashley, spun a web of lust around Daniel, Emily had only Nolan Ross for comfort, and a much needed sigh of relief, when he told her that he had a backup of the files that could exonerate her father.

Season two dawns a year later, back in the Hamptons, with a seemingly taller, more stunning Emily, with a mysterious English man in tow, and a new thirst for revenge. But before we move on, let’s address the flash forward that really kicks off episode one, much like in the previous season. The Amanda (neither of the women, but Jack’s boat), is very shipwrecked and sunken, and inside it is a very very dead man. I guess it’s easy to assume the body is Jack’s, although I’d much rather it be Conrad (just imagine me saying the name with the same contempt as Victoria). But if we’ve learned something from season one, it’s to never think you know anything that’s gonna happen –remember how we assumed it was Daniel who got shot at the Fire and Ice Ball?

Meanwhile, Charlotte Grayson is back from rehab, Daniel and Ashley are going strong –much to the annoyance of us on Emily’s side –and Jack has taken to living on the boat, drinking himself to sleep every night. We also get to know that Victoria Grayson is (*whispered*) alive! Gordon Murphy, the white haired man, is blamed for “kidnapping and beating up” Queen Victoria and she resurfaces as the victim. Right…

Anyway, at the end of episode two, when Gordon comes after Emily, it’s her English knight, Aiden Mathis who puts him out for good. In comes Emily’s (the real Amanda’s) mom, who looks just like Anna Paquin by the way, and she’s no angel, more like a hungry mantis. Never a dull moment on this show, is there?

In an interesting turn of events, we find out that Amanda (fake annoying Amanda), isn’t sure that the annoying bun in her oven is Jack’s. This puts both the Emilys and Amandas in a pickle, as both like Jack, and Emily (let’s go with VanCamp for simplicity) can choose to either tell the truth to Porter, and ride away into the sunset of a burning Grayson manor, or help out her annoying friend.

Guess what she does.


Indeed this is a very Emily Thorne-centric season, perhaps a bit more than the last one. We see multiple flashbacks of her childhood as she tries to piece together memories of her mother. We feel her pain when she completely breaks down upon hearing her mother apologise to Amanda –who tragically survives her fatal fall in the Grayson manor. If only she’d landed on that pregnant belly instead of her back. Thorne also has some major chemistry going on with Aiden. The friendship with Nolan isn’t as smooth as it once was. She’s got Mason Treadwell close at her heels, and he is teetering on the edge of figuring out her secret. Tantalizingly close. I promise I won’t tell you what happens if you didn’t see episode six.

If you’re pissed about the spoilers, trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg. With six 45 minute episodes of Revenge, this review would be a lot longer if I ruined everything. And if you haven’t seen episode six, or well even from one to five, I suggest you get right to it. Because if you thought you figured out Revenge after the season one finale, you’re wrong. So wrong.

So, while I continue to play the ending of episode six over and over again, set to Paradise Circus –you can’t go wrong with that track –and the ending quote playing to the unraveling of every character, I’ll leave you with the Revenge Season Two Checklist.

  •  Throw in a couple of cocktail parties –and a very grand wedding at the Grayson manor.
  • Some sexual tension between Daniel and Emily, Emily and Aiden, Aiden and Ashley, and a little between Nolan and Padma, although that might lead to something more intriguing.
  • More backstabbing, ass-kicking –mainly on Emily Thorne’s part –and suspense that’ll leave you white knuckling onto your laptop or TV remote as you wait for tonight’s episode.

Now, don’t do anything revengy till I get there!

Rohan Dahiya

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