Roy Trailer: Mystifying And Intriguing


After having kept the audience waiting for almost a year, the producers of Roy are finally out with the film’s trailer. Roy features a strikingly hot Jacqueline Fernandez, bold Ranbilr Kapoor and a mysterious Arjun Rampal. The steamy couple Jacqueline and Rampal’s story unwinds in their relation as a producer and a lead actress; Ranbir plays the role of a conman, the most dangerous conman of the current era, after whom the movie has been named.

Watch the trailer below:

Roy showcases a love triangle between the three lead casts and is set in Malaysia where Rampal as a producer is seen to be shooting his film with Jacqueline; and Ranbir is visiting the city as a “tourist”.

The film has evolved under the direction of debutante Vikramjit Singh and is to be distributed by AA Films. The cinematography is perfectly synced with the genre of the film- action thriller; it is neither too bold, nor is it too colourful, cinematographer Himman Dhamija has rather made use of a plain and mystifying camera work. The music rightly creates the suspense required to intrigue the audience.

However, even with the stylish showcase, bold storyline, steamy chemistry and a seemingly perfect location, Roy, from the looks of the trailer appears confusing. Not much can be deciphered from the three-minute trailer. The blurry storyline featured in the trailer could either work in favour of the producers by intriguing the audience, or it could lead to a poor box office collection. What’s to come of the film can only be known after February 13, 2015.

Pallavi Sharma

Image Source: [Youtube Screenshot]