Many political parties here in India and some abroad have always been ardent followers of what they call their ‘sacred ideology’. Often its on the basis of this ideology that these parties seek votes.The perfect example here is the B.J.P,which has always stuck to its hindutva guns backed by by organisations like the RSS ,among others and led by leaders like Murali Manoher Joshi,LK Advani,Uma Bharti (though she is not a part of the organization anymore) and Narendra Modi. But with the tide changing somewhat with people becoming more conscious about the basic fundamentals of society and polity. With the growing practise of vote bank politics,secularism (or pseudo-secularism,whatever suits them) the parties are having to bend down somewhat in which their old ideologies are being compromised. BJP,LEFT FRONT among others have become somewhat less rigid about the ideology that were the very basis of there foundation, and I believe very rightly so. In a dynamic world everything should be flexible,which could be moulded according to the conditions that exist and what is best suited for one’s interest.

Here the LEFT government of Bengal can be seen as a good example ,the left has been in power in Bengal for around 30 yrs being led first by Jyoti Basu and then Buddhadeb Bhattacharya. Under Mr. Jyoti Basu, most decisions were ideologically- motivated. These decisions to a large extent, crippled one of the richest provinces in the pre-independence era. The trade unions and the factory committees ruled the roost during this time and lockouts in factories were a common phenomena. The doors were shut on any foreign investment and full -scale protection was provided to the industries ,because of which they were never able to grow in the true sense due to the lack of competition that they came across.

However now ,things are seemingly undergoing change (for the better) with a change in the political guard with B.Bhattacharya calling the shots now. Mr Bhattacharya is a dynamic person who seems to realise that it is high time that certain changes be implemented if any improvement has to be made in the sorry situation in Bengal. Following this, Buddhadeb has now been associated with many multinational firms and it is due to his efforts that now highest Japanese FDI in India comes in Bengal. Along with this the Buddhadeb government has inked the highest infrastructural deal in Indian history with Salim industries of Indonesia worth Rs 40,000 crores. His constant efforts has taken Bengal to a new level at least in the economic context ,the G.D.P of Bengal is the 3rd highest in the country i.e. $23 billion, along with this Bengal has the second highest rate of growth in per capita income in the country at 5.4% , a 4.5% growth rate in the agrarian sector. The literacy rate of Bengal has grown to 68%,though scope for improvement still exists ,but something is better than nothing .

BJP though, to please their RSS parteners still harp on the hindutva tune. However they are also having to compromise on the hindutva ideology to an extent with leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee (ex-PM of India) ,late P.Mahajan,M.Abbas Naqvi,Arun Jaitely gaining a very very strong footing among the upper strata of the party organization. Also their being out of power not only at the centre but also at the state level has led the BJP thinktank to change guard from a radical rightist approach to a more liberal and to an extent secular approach. Hence ,these and many more examples point to the fact that ideology based rule is a thing of the past and its the situation at hand which calls the shots .

Neha Vermani