Running, Laughing, Swinging; Playing The ‘Paedophile’ Way

Child sexual assault

The clothes you are wearing are very provocative, you should always bow your head and walk, don’t make eye contact with them, it is certainly inviting, walking so late at 8pm is like asking-for-it, you should have ignored his groping, you should have made him your brother, you were not saying ‘NO’ the way it should be, you were walking with breasts and vagina, obviously this would happen.

We have heard enough excuses and clauses which lead to female rapes, (well, we still don’t bat an eyelid when it’s male or a transgender rape), some of them have listed and there are many that have been not. Rape is a reaction to various explainable and easily justified actions of the female/male/transgender bodies. ‘Blame the victim’, is something the majority excels at, and no protests, or marches can alter the mind set, but being the hopeless beings we are, we never give up.

However, what sort of provocation does a child aged merely 5 years old, or 10, or may be a few months, indulge into? Obviously, the rapists gets enticed, but what actions of the babies instigate the rapists? Because, that’s what we have learned, it is never the fault of the rapists, they are just teaching us a lesson and keeping us in check, but what kind of lessons does a small baby requires?


There’s not a single day when I don’t come across a news about child rape, and everyday I cringe and somehow force my mind to find some justification for the gruesome act the people are indulging into. In 2013, there was a story of a horrific incident involving two drunk men who watched porn and then lured a 5-year-old girl playing in her neighbourhood to a room in the building where she stayed and repeatedly raped her. A detailed examination revealed glass pieces in her vaginal orifice. What could have led to such dreadful and heinous actions?

They are just one of the many cases that are repeatedly taking place, if not in the neighbourhood, in the family itself. Incidents of the male child being sodomised are also on the rise. News of teenagers being drugged or raped in public transport or left to die on railway tracks after such heinous acts is quite common today.

We all watched Highway and cried our eyes out with Alia Bhatt, for portraying a girl who repeatedly got raped by her uncle. The play-game by family members, because the kind of trust the family and kid has placed on them, is played with. I am pretty sure no kid imagines being fingered or fondled in the private parts by people whom they consider to be close to. Further threatening them so as to not disclose the details, showcases the utmost scheming and planning that is done to ruin the innocence of a child and use them furthermore.

Nothing scares me, than a small traumatized kid being all alone and not being able to voice out his/her problems to their parents, with whom they share an unspeakable bond. Communication is of essence, and every parent should ensure an environment wherein a kid is always comfortable sharing thoughts without getting hesitant.

Maybe, being a bit more alert, telling a kid the moment he or she begins to understand the difference between a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ touch would help. It is easier said than done, but I feel if computers and dance can be included in the curriculum in grade three, why not such educational subjects too?

With paedophiles lurking in the corner, the kind of world the child witnesses is under serious threat. Nothing scars the memories of childhood more than some adult trying to snatch their innocence from them.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper