Sachin Tendulkar  Named As The ICC World Cup 2015 Ambassador Consecutively For The Second Year


Some things should never be changed, not because they are impassable, but because people love them the way they are. Sachin Tendulkar, the “god of cricket” is one of those personalities of this world, who can never be separated from cricket. Last year, he left hundreds of thousands of people down in the dumps by announcing retirement from international cricket. It’s true that he was getting older day by day and was unable to perform up to his previously set standards, but then there were people, for whomhe was much more than just a cricketer, and still remains the same.

International Cricket Council (ICC) understands people’s admiration and love for Sachin as a sports personality and as an individual. Perhaps he is the only cricketer who has managed to play all forms of the game, bereft of controversies. It is the pretext of his title, “god of cricket.” In order to market the goodwill of the sport and promote it as a gentlemen’s game, ICC has once again decided to take Sachin’s help.

As the ICC World Cup 2015 is inching closer, the International Cricket Council has named Sachin as the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 ambassador. It is the second ensuing time when Sachin has been named ambassador of the ICC’s apex tournament. In his role as the ambassador, Sachin Tendulkar will support and promote plenty of ICC initiatives to increase the profile of the World Cup, which will take place in New Zealand and Australia from 14 February to 29 March.

Why Sachin Tendulkar:

You don’t get to see a cricketer playing 200 Tests and 463 One Day Internationals, unless he is Sachin Tendulkar. Many great cricketers played the game before he wore the Indian Cap for the first time and many others continue to play the after he has hung up his shoes. It’s not his game that puts him above all others, but his temperament, attitude and overall personality. It’s difficult to be successful in the game of cricket, but it is much more demanding to continue that show for a long time. He is one of the very few who have been successful throughout their career; and his was 24years long, but there was hardly any timewhen he didn’t play a top class game.

Even though he represented India, one could spot millions of Sachin supporters in countries like Australia, England and South Africa as well. He is a role model for a lot of young cricketers. They want to follow his technique – shot selection, running between wickets and even the attitude on field. It’s the main reason that ICC has looked at Sachin to promote the Cricket World Cup 2015 across the globe. Last time in 2011, he did a wonderful job as an ambassador, and ICC expects the same this time as well.

Bhupendra Sharma

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