Safe Environment for Women

It is really disappointing to witness that over the years no matter how much hue & cry, the safety issues of women in our country are debatable. Unfortunately, development and prosperity of India and women’s status apparently have no correlation. According to a survey conducted by “Thompson Reuters Foundation”, India has been rated fourth most dangerous country for women.

Ranked fourth after Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan, India’s reason for being dangerous for women is fundamentally from the skewed sex ratio. Skewed sex ratios tend to make the womenfolk more vulnerable. Rapes, trafficking etc tends to escalate as a result of increase in number of young single male. So, the first step in constructing a safe environment for the women in our country is to control “Female Foeticide”.

Female foeticide is no doubt a disgrace for our country, but it stems from traditional son preference and intrinsically linked to the dowry system. So in order to stop abortions of female foetuses it is of paramount importance to bring an end to the dowry system.

It would not be inappropriate to say that safety issue of Indian women is society’s moral responsibility. Ethical cleansing of the society is of paramount importance. Respect for women is the unconditional element, because without it any law, any movement is ineffectual. Safety and security issue of women at public places is much deliberated upon, but little has been done to effectuate it.

Safety issue of women in our country is also an impediment to progress of the gender,. All of us are au courant about the fact that why do girls in our country drop out of school after puberty and especially when schools are located a long walk away. Women in our country are not safe, even in the most literate parts of the country. And to state forget about public places, women are not safe even at home, lamentably even in the womb. Domestic violence, dowry killing is perpetrated within their domestic confines. Women’s safety is society’s moral onus.

Lastly, Feminism today is fashionably mixed with satisfying masculine fantasies. The objectification of women in our country has escalated. The onus lays on the gender to breakthrough the stinking contemplation as mere objects of pleasure. Then only a safe environment for women can be achieved.

Neha Raghuvanshi