Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Exciting Features


Samsung has launched its much awaited phablet, Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The gadget, following its predecessor Galaxy Note 3, is expected to do exceedingly well with the consumers. For that, the producers have added better features to the phablet, making improvements to the successful Galaxy Note 3.

Here are some of the exciting features that the phablet, Galaxy Note 4 has to offer:

  • Note 4 has a super HD screen display with a 5.7 Quad-HD.
  • The screen of the phablet is of 5.7 inches.
  • The sensory feature has been improved so as to double the accuracy of the S-pen, which has been one of the key intriguing features of the Note series.
  • Unlike the other phablets of the Note series, the lock screen of Note 4 can be personalized.
  • It also features a transparent device that allows the user to see what is happening at the background behind the widget.
  • The phablet also allows the user to open and use multiple windows at the same time without minimizing any of the running windows.
  • The camera is of 16 mega-pixel and the front “selfie” camera has an f1 lens. It will also allow clicking a panaroma wide-breadth “groupie”.
  • The battery life is claimed to be better of the Note 4 despite its various new battery-extracting features. There is also ultra-battery-saving mode.

As exciting as the Note 4 sounds, it is still too fast to pass the judgment of whether it will be a grand success or not. Apple is soon to be out with its iPhone 6. Even Google Nexus, whose predecessor has done quite well in India, is going to launch Nexus 6 sometime soon. Until all these grand smartphones with the tags of these big brands are not launched, we cannot tell how fascinating will the Galaxy Note 4 prove to be.

Pallavi Sharma

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