Sanjana Sharma Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Dr. Manmohan Singh,

The first topic I’d like to address is the situation of energy in India.

What we really need is energy security. It’s due to the lack of this and energy itself that people are suffering from bad economy, security, resources, education, health, initiative and jobs. There are natural gas reserves in Digboi, Assam that we are unable to harness. Coal reserves are not used properly but are abused.

The amount of insolation, India receives per year is enough to power generations, through solar power. On the other hand, regions like the United States of America, who have recently become self sufficient for gas production, have, loads of energy. This leads to a drop in the market and job insecurity. Deals could be made with countries like these, with provision of cheap labor and cheap exports for cheap gas. Demand and supply, this will fix the chain.

Securing energy  will also reduce crime and theft. Take for example the situation in New York, post hurricane Sandy – the moment when supplies were in scarcity, theft  and crime rates went up because  the security went down. Supplies were hardly available.

This will also improve health, because lack of energy is what is forcing people to burn organic fuels like cow dung, dry leaves, and adulterate LPG. This increase in pollution is degrading the atmosphere and as a result, India is no longer a place where people wish to come for a peaceful holiday.

What we need is a boost, like the one India had 10 years ago for telecom, which brought India to the place we are in the world, today.

Another topic close to my heart is the education system. Not two days ago, I saw a little child walking back home from school, he had to go help his father in work.

India is not short of social workers, or people willing to help, it is just short of the means. Government schools need to be provided with better funds, so that the children can learn. Again, this will fix economy, health, security, jobs, everything.

As for the board systems (ICSE namely) the method of education is extremely primitive. Students still remember equations, learn definitions, practice and re-practice diagrams, because we still have to byheart them.

People study to pass the exam, instead of taking the exam to test their knowledge. And the whole talk about trying to create a common admission test for India like the SATs in the United States of America, is not a good idea at all. The United States of America seeks to remove it for its restrictions, and for a country as diverse and integrated as India, it will put even further barriers on the educational freedom of students.

This is only a small step that India must take if she wants to participate in the global economy and growth. This is only the beginning, but basic initiatives are necessary for  development and public satisfaction, so that we can get to the top.

Sanjana Sharma

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.