Sanskriti Shukla Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Dr. Manmohan Singh

Honorable Prime Minister of India

South Block, Raisina Hills,

New Delhi 110 101

Subject: Constructive feedback, suggestions and solutions on how to deal with different issues in this country.

Honourable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,

I am writing to you in order to express my views on how to make India a better place and to make some suggestions about the functioning of our country. India is a very fast developing country. And we as citizens are responsible for this progress which is why we are responsible for the wrong that happens within the country too.

There are several ways of making India a better place. For starters, we can act more responsible towards the society and the people. And start from the grass root level like keeping the roads clean and not disposing garbage just anywhere. Every common man should spread civic sense and also use their democratic rights, which certainly will reform the image of India.

Now coming back to the government, there are a few changes and suggestions that if considered can make our country a much happier place.

Let me go straight to the points, the government should fund schooling, not schools. Our education system has failed because parents have no choice. Two things can change this. We should allow private schools to open and run without any conditions at all. And instead of funding schools, we should give school vouchers to parents, empowering them with the power to choose whichever school they want for their kids. Second and very important point, we should start questioning taxes. We should reform agriculture. Around 60 percent of our country depends on agriculture and allied sectors for a livelihood. And not much progress has been seen in this sector or in the lives of farmers who work very hard and still fail to make ends meet.

India lacks literacy, and literacy can remove all the social evils from the country and making it a secular, safe, and prosperous country. My last suggestion is very close to my heart. I being a girl strongly believe that India should provide girl education in rural areas so that girls can study and be the future of the nation. Dowry, child marriage, etc. are the evils that need to be debarred from the roots.

I hope you will look into these problems and suggestions and act on them.


Sanskriti Shukla

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.