Save My Mother, Save My Earth

Give me some sunshine,
Give me some rain, give me another chance,
I wanna grow up once again.
My soul is in danger,
My beauty is plagued,
Give me another chance,
It’s enough of human rage.

No, no, no. No Sheila or munni or an engineering student is singing this song. But Mother Earth is making a plea, whom we have jeopardized for our interests and selfish needs. The elevated use of carbon products like ACs, refrigerators, aerosols has raised the carbon sheath in our atmosphere. As a consequence, the radiations of higher wavelength can enter the atmosphere but cannot escape as they are trapped in due to higher carbon content and other green house gases. This has boost up global warming and has increased the temperature. Thus, making earth unfit for human survival.

Floods, droughts, melting glaciers, contraction of the ozone layer are all the catastrophic effects of global warming. This compels me to think that our mother is crying because she is on the verge of destruction. Due to deforestation and extra digging of land and other atrocities of human beings, the natural beauty has turned into a nightmare. A nightmare, an eyesore of barren land, fallen trees and drought struck areas. The littered soil and other chemically inspired agricultural activities have left the soil hollow and infertile. We who have borrowed the land from our future generation are exploiting it as if we owe it from our ancestors. We should be keeping it in its pristine form. Indian occupation is agricultural as more than half the population depends on it and for good business, villagers depend on monsoon. But isn’t it too erratic?

July – the month of heavy downpour is now a days, dry and humid. The oxygen content has reduced and the fresh air is in abate. But who is facing the wrath of our acts?

It is we the human beings. No doubt, our nature is falling prey to our devastating acts but the ultimate fury, we have to bear.

If the situation becomes worst, the human species will stand at the danger of being extinct. Already due to an inappropriate environment, previous species like those of dinosaurs have vanished from the earth. And now the pointer is on us. If such a situation continues, we will soon be a part of history. Our every activity duly affects the food chain and food web and creates an imbalance in the ecosystem. Hunting and killing of animals may not directly harm us but indirectly it does. It perturbs the symbiotic relation we have with other creatures and thus, ruins us. In our style, a yearning for luxurious life and in our agog we have lost our senses to an extent that we are hitting our own feet with the axe. When I was 11, I visited Vaishnodevi. It was amazing on top of the hills, surrounded by lush green area and a fresh air to breathe. I even located a man in his 60s riding a bicycle just to keep the environment safe. But my recent visit after 7 years, made me cry. It is so polluted and littered with poly bags that I could hardly recognize the place. Same goes for the Taj Mahal. It ranks first amongst the wonders of the world. And actually it makes me wonder that due to our inane and cynical acts, the beauty of it has mellowed down. Black and filthy patches could be seen on its white marbled structure and the brook beside it has turned into a store house of waste.

This purely indicates that industrial activities need to be controlled. They not only harm our archeological monuments but the harmful gases cause problems like asthma and skin cancer.
In foreign countries I once read that pattern and trend of terrace gardens is prevalent. It exists in India as well but in its initial stage. But don’t you think it’s very practical?

When we are cutting down trees and promoting deforestation then as a substitute why not turn your house terrace into a lawn and beautiful garden area?

It is both pleasant and suitable to one’s health. Also, we can start to use conventional sources of energy. Like those solar cookers and solar panels which work with the heat of the sun. We observe Earth hour on a yearly basis. But if we start to follow it regularly, an hour a day, how many megawatt of energy can be conserved? And it costs us nothing. Just an hour of sacrificing our comforts which is better than losing the comfort forever?

Gardening should also be promoted. We should make it a habit to plant a sapling every month and wait for it to grow into a tree. Now who says only mothers can give birth? Even you can experience the euphoria of being an alma mater?

Give birth to a new tree. Trust me! Like most of us it won’t ditch its parents when it grows up. Rather it will martyr its life for your sake and protection.

Give her some sunshine,
Give her some rain,
Give her another chance
So that with her smile she can fill our life,
With laughter once again.

Abha Goel