Save Our Daughters

Bringing up a daughter is like watering a neighbor’s plant” is the cruelest thing I’ve ever heard in my life ever since I was born, I strongly feel that women remain unwanted and continue to be hated and undervalued in this country. So even if some parts of India are shinning, they shine mostly for boys and female fetuses are been aborted in Punjab, and people here still burn there brides for dowry, a custom which is deep-rooted in country like ours. “Dowry deaths” and “Brides burning”, these are phrases we do not read about any more in our newspapers, For even media does not write about dowry deaths as it did in the latter parts of early 80’s. strict laws have been made against the custom of dowry but it has not been followed by people in the country, instead the dowry custom remains one of the integral part of India marriages, there’s no stop to it, and nothing has been done by our so called system to prevent it. So even if our respected Prime Minister call it as “Unacceptable Crime”, it’s not enough, I’m sure each one of us agree with this, It’s time that we speak out for our beliefs if we do not, then all that we fear will come true.

Mansi Tiwari