Save the Glaciers

Every morning as I drag myself out of the bed, and get ready to drop my sister to the bus stop, there is one scene that I always encounter, irrespective of the season. The scene of overflowing water tanks. This doesn’t happen on any particular occasion, but surprisingly, daily.It makes me wonder sadly that in a place like Delhi where there is an acute water shortage, how can people be so callous? Considering these people only will be up in arms when the water is not supplied on time; however, when they have it then why they don’t use it sensibly?

A few days back I was going through an article which said that once the glaciers in the Himalayas melt, which incidentally give water to the main rivers of Asia and China, 2 billion people across the world will go thirsty. Considering the alarming rate at which the global warming is taking place that day isn’t too far. If the glaciers in the Antarctic region are melting at a dangerous rate due to global warming, sea level is rising every year, the drinking water reserve is in danger then why have people shut their eyes to the reality?

Obviously we can’t stop global warming. But we can surely ensure that the rate slows down and remains in control .Of course, with the interference of organizations like Greenpeace which have raised a hue and cry and made people aware about the phenomenon of global warming, people have started talking about it and actions have been taken and summits been held at various places.

Some of us must have read that melting glaciers will have the immediate consequences of extinction of polar bears but the long term effects are even more devastating like rising sea levels, which will lead to displacement of people living along the riverbanks and seaside, floods will also occur frequently which can even lead to an epidemic. These will automatically lead to billions of thirsty souls. So are we prepared to face the result? Of course not, not till science becomes so advanced that we are able to create water artificially in the labs! I know that this article is like a very small drop in the ocean considering so much has been and will be said about water conservation. However, at least we can ensure that we make an effort to use this irreplaceable resource judiciously and leave it for future generations so that they also get to see it.

Neha Pant

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