Save your Friend

Mother Nature has created every single thing of our earth, and to connect us with each other she created a chain. In scientific term we call this chain the nature cycle or the food chain. We all are connected to each other through this chain, if one of us is going to miss, it is going to disturb the entire nature cycle.

Our country is blessed with a large number of wildlife species, hectares and hectares of lands covered with natural forests. We all know forests are indispensable to mankind. But, the growing need for food, water, shelter, energy, timber and medicine for a new mouth every alternate second, our forests and wild landscapes face fresh and bigger threats. With this burgeoning growth in human population certain species of our wildlife face risk of extinction than ever before. Man has mercilessly chopped off trees for his selfish needs.

The destruction of forests has given strength to evils like Pollution and climatic change. Actually by destroying the forest we are attacking on the ‘heart’ of Mother Nature. Flood, earth quack volcano eruptions are nothing but anger of Mother Nature, result of her agonizing pain. Destruction of wildlife and forest has upset the whole mechanism of natural regulation and balance. Animals like Tigers, Rhino, Lions and many plant species are facing the threat of extension. By destroying wildlife and forest one may get some short term profit but its consequences are long run. Animal species like ‘Hangul’, tigers will extinct soon. What we will give to the coming generations. It is shocking to know that ONLY 1411 tigers are left. It is extremely painful to imagine that the future generation may get a chance to look only to pictures of this beautiful animal.

Realizing all the gloom and doom for wildlife government has made strict rules to save wild animals. Hunting is a punishable offence, Killing animals for their skin, teeth, meat is completely banned. Wildlife Protection Act was made stronger with several new clauses and important amendments making it the bulwark and guardian of wildlife and its habitat. Several NGOs are working to save wildlife and forest, Actors, sports persons are also supporting to raise awareness regarding saving wildlife.
But mere working in legal front or showing concern is not going to help. As the saying goes ‘Action speaks louder then word’, the need of the hour is to show responsibility towards this mission. Forest officials, government’s communities and NGOs need to focus and redouble their efforts. As a civilian we can support the various activities spreading awareness. Instead of enjoying or taking rest we should activity participate in Marathons, rallies and whatever is being done to support the noble cause. We all are part of some social networking sites, so, along with uploading a funny video or a joke we must upload a message for ‘save wildlife’ mission. We can tweet or write in our blog to spread awareness. We need not to join any NGO to work for this mission, these smallest steps can make us part of the mission. And, trust me your one step can bring awareness; and can be one of the greatest help to these lovely creatures.

If we will conserve wildlife it will help us safeguard the important ecological chain like nutrient cycle and water cycle. The survival of human race is possible only with the survival of our environment as a whole. Save wildlife, save forest and let make this planet a perfect habitat. Come join hands and protect wildlife and forest.

Kirti Singh