Save the Indian Student!

366958167_939986949c.jpgI remember when I was in class12, everyone around me said, “Work very hard this year. This is the year when you will make your future. It all depends on your board result now. If you score well, you’ll get the best college. Once you do that, you can lead a tension free life!”

But, hello, as a student who wanted to pursue a career in engineering, my board examination result is definitely NOT what they are looking for! In order to be a doctor or an engineer, you need to go through a volley of entrance exams. To crack these exams your preparation for board exams is not sufficient.

As much as the paper setters of IIT JEE (Indian Institute of Technology- Joint Entrance Exam) may say that the entrance exam needs no extra preparation, you need to go not just an extra mile to crack the JEE, but the entire coast line of India! So can we simply say that for technology and medicine aspirants, the board exam has no value? And if that is the case, then why should they burn the midnight oil to crack an exam which only holds importance only as a birth certificate?

The problem is the innumerable education Boards of India! 28 states of India, with so many education Boards and so many Councils, that my eyes nearly popped out while scanning the list! If the readers wish to suffer the same fate as me, please visit this page from the portals of the government of India-  HYPERLINK “”

The amazing point to note is that each Board has a different syllabi and different marking scheme. So what happens to an ICSE or CBSE student when they sit to write state engineer/ medical entrance exams? Do they prepare their Board exam syllabus or the State Board syllabus? The icing to the cake is that, much of the syllabus is politically driven, rather than knowledge-based! So what happens to a student in such a situation?

They say, enjoy your school-life as it is the best part of your life. Can students enjoy in such a situation? I thought I worked the hardest in class 12th, but honestly college is harder work! Some of the entrance exams actually test students on advanced concepts. So, if everything is to be done for the entrance exam, what do they teach at college?

Here I was speaking about the students who wish to pursue careers in technology and medicine; but the situation for students interested in arts and sciences is no different. Where boards like ICSE, CBSE, Tamil Nadu board, Maharashtra board and others seem to distribute marks like candy, students of UP board and West Bengal board score comparatively lower marks, which can be attributed to ‘strict’ marking. So when it comes to declaring the cut–off’s, it’s a challenge for the universities! How can a cut–off mark be proposed when there is absolutely no uniformity?

These days, the various education boards are in news because they are planning to ‘revise’ the syllabuses. The need of the hour is not to revise the syllabus, but to revise the education system of India. It is absolutely essential for the Education Ministry to take steps to have a common education Board for the country instead of common entrances. The students should prepare for one exam only. Why should they be repeatedly tested when the marks are being given by the councils?

We are all familiar with foreign exams like SAT, TOEFL and IELTS. These are exams accepted worldwide. Similarly our country too should have one uniform board of education which is a surer test of proficiency and encompasses a test of academic and extra–curricular qualities.

Well, till that day comes, I can only wish luck to the class 12th students who will be writing their Board exams shortly! My advise to all those appearing for the exam is: “Work hard but at the same time enjoy as well.” Trust me, college will be a greater test of perseverance than this hard time. Keep fit, it’s all about survival of the fittest.

Aayushi Uberoi

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