Scotland: The Land Of Valiant Blokes


Great highland bagpipe, the spirit of an indulgent single malt (my favorite being Glenfiddich); beautiful scenic overview, highlands, lowlands, and inlays; a rich and sumptuous cuisine and football. Well that’s mostly of Scotland that we know, but interestingly enough it has a lot more to offer. Being one of the smaller parts of the Great Britain, Scotland has managed to boldly enter its name in the history of not only the United Kingdom but also that of Europe.

Scots have generally had a reputation of being bold, strong, and valiant blokes. Their indulgence in the historic battles with the Romans, Irish, and even the mainland English for a while bears testimony to the notion. On the other hand Scots are mostly merry making happy people, with a great taste in life; classier indulgences like whisky and music. Not to mention their love for football, rugby, cycling, curling, canoeing and even darts for that matter.

From a tourist point of view Scotland has a lot of things to offer, foremost being the wonderful climate and the sheer engulfing virgin beauty of the highlands. There are a number of adrenaline pumping sports and activities organized to touch the wild side of you. Adorable bed and breakfasts and inns make it a lavish destination or a calming getaway from the hectic routinely life. For some plain, heartfelt enjoyment you can walk into any of the Scottish pubs, the atmosphere in there is jovial and merry with song and dance taking the first place.

Alcohol is an integral part of Scottish culture and daily life, with the temperatures dipping to -20°C in some of the places it becomes inevitable to gulp down a few pegs or a couple of mugs of your favorite lager. Scotland single handedly offers the widest and most sought after range of single malt whiskies. With about more than 100 scot captive manufacturers this can be called Scotland’s biggest export.

Sport in Scotland and in a Scots lofe appears to be more of a necessity than a pastime or hobby. Scottish premier league, Scotland rugby league, the elite ice hockey league, Camanachd association for shanty, croquet and other track and field events keep happening side by side. Every region has its own favorite. Scotland is also called the home of golf; it is at the forefront of international golf, with some of the world’s premier courses being located there. The most famous courses, such as St Andrews tend to be on the east coast’s dune lands.

Jeff Stratham

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