Season of the cold!

Another year is about to end. The scented spring, the scorching summer the assuring autumn…All have left their own share of memories. Some were bitter…some were sweet…some were hopeful while others were frustrating. And now as the year is starting to wrap itself up we are to welcome the season of trials and tribulations. It’s the season of reviewing our past…what we had done…what we could have done…! Winter comes with the end of autumn. The falling of leaves does not signify its end but rather just lets it go through a rough phase in its life…where nature examines how it overcomes the troubles and rejuvenates by the spring season. Same goes for us humans. Some people withstand the trial and stand firm like trees…while others who give up their hopes and let life crush them on their feet. Such people get lost in the crowd and lose their identity…lose themselves just like the trees which let the snow trap their freedom due to which as a result they perish.

When I was young I would always used to abhor this season for it always brought miseries to the poor…hardships for the commoner and an obstruction for the elite. The cold wind would make the bodies of the poor who lived on the streets go numb. The working class unable to come out due to the chilled breeze and would prefer to stay at home at home and not go to work.

Their lives are affected and the elite who depend on them as a result get affected. The birds forgot to sing, the sun forgot to come out, the roads didn’t have anybody to drive on them, and the sea remained still. Everything would be dull and gloomy and our own set of problems would top it off. People would eagerly wait for this tough time to get over and would pray day and night to the harbingers of spring; in other words….HAPPINESS! Can you believe how faint hearted people can be!?

They are always in need of pleasure, joy, and felicity and delight that they can’t even face one moment of asperity. If they can’t face it then they are far from understanding its importance. Because this is actually the time when god says “STOP, SEE…UNDERSTAND”. It certainly tells us what we have lost…but it also tells us what we have gained from losing. If we always get to enjoy the spring season then we will never get to know what will happen when it’s never going to come back.

When all that is left with us is the winter? Don’t you think life will be much harder and unbearable? At least this way we will get a taste of all the flavours of life! ALTERNATIVELY! As we grow up our perspective of life keeps changing. We start believing in things we never believed in before. The lessons life teaches us while healing our wounds leaves their mark on us. I could comprehend that we never remain the same. The one thing that remains the same is our conscience. This guides us during our spring and winter times. It only depends on how strong it is….which is tested during our winter.

I would like to get out of this four walled room…into the outside world. We should know  what it feels like to be really hurt and then overcome that pain… know the realities of life without putting a dent on our dreams… see the extremities of the winter season.. To see whether we can find a small amount of green grass beneath the thick ice covered layers…what’s the level of euphoria that we get when we achieve the impossible… FIND THE SPRING IN WINTER. Only then we will be stepping into next year’s spring being a whole new person…it’s like P B SHELLEY says if winter is here, can spring be far behind!?

Shweta Rath