Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The author of the book “The Secret”, Rhonda Bryne is one of the world’s 100 influential women of 2007(as reported by Time magazine).The Australian writer and producer is known for her unparalleled works. Her other books include books like “The Secret Daily Techniques” and ” The Secret Gratitude Book”

What inspired her to write this book is the trauma and despair she had to undergo due to some personal reasons. To her utter amazement she discovered something that turned her greatest despair to her greatest gift. She traced back the secret and discovered greatest people like Plato, Shakespeare, and Newton etc who knew this.

She decided to share this secret with everyone and finally presented her explorations, researches and discoveries in her book “The Secret”. According to the author, the great secret of life is the law of attraction. As we think thoughts are sent into the Universe, and magnetically attract all like things that are on the same frequency. Our current thoughts create our future life.

The book shares the strategies to be followed in order to make use of this secret in the best way and provides examples on how the concept of this book helped people to turn the things their way and become successful. Various paths, tips and shortcuts that are presented in this book reveal that there is a close relation between our feelings and our thoughts. Our thoughts determine our feelings by changing the frequency accordingly. To fulfill any of our desires like to earn more money, to lose weight e.t.c, we just need to ask the universe for the same and behave as if we already received it, then it takes negligible time for the universe to manifest it.

Moreover gratitude, Expectation (things you want) and Visualization are considered as the main elements for happy life. And feeling happy is the fastest way to bring money. We are God in a physical body, spirit in the flesh. We are Eternal Life, the cosmic being and all power. We are all wisdom, intelligence, perfection and magnificence. We are the creator of this universe. Concluding this book, the author has stated that “everything is energy”.

We are the spiritual being, and we are the energy which can’t be created or destroyed. Since power is in our thoughts so what we need to be successful is just to stay aware. The more we use the power within us, the more we will draw through ourselves. One important point to be noticed is that the book does not contain even a single reference of life after death, rather according to the author, heaven and hell are present experiences, not the future destinations.

Each and every line quoted in this book is supported with certain examples and lifetime experiences which make this concept more interesting and analyzable. The author claims that there is nothing in the world which we can’t achieve following this theory. The book goes a long way in reinstating self belief in ourselves, a refreshing read from our stressful lives.

Anushka Jain

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