Selfie: The Good, The Bad And The Downright Deadly

A picturesque landscape, the winds ruffling your hair, you have never felt happier and relaxed as you do in that very moment; what would you do first, pause and enjoy the landscape and the viewpoint or click a selfie that would create new records in your profile?

Selfie are literally taking the world by storm. It’s not an uncommon occurrence, from taking selfies while hitting the gym to trying a new dress; from getting a new manicure done to playing with dogs, everything is covered under the umbrella of selfies. But, why are they so important? What led to selfies ruling the social media that even major leaders or celebrities couldn’t thwart it’s glamour? What is so glamorous and addictive about a selfie?

Taking a selfie, maybe pulling a silly face or a sexy one, and sending it across to a friend is an amusing, unique way to communicate. Also, taking selfies within a group of friends is a great way to bond, cement friendships and create memories. However, the constant urge to capture every moment by taking a selfie seems a tad bit repetitive, loosing the original charm and exclusivity of a selfie. Well, every cab ride or washroom visit couldn’t be special, it just cannot be.


Of late, a young girl slipped off at Bandstand in Mumbai while taking a selfie, ultimately drowning herself to death with her body drifting in the ocean, which was never found. In the bid to capture the ‘exclusive’ and shareable moment, she captured death and evaded life. What is the allure of a selfie that people stop being careful about the surroundings? What is the charm that makes people forget everything else, including their safety, just to snap a moment?

As per the psychologists, with the upcoming trend of selfies, people who swear by the act, are enveloping themselves in self-image crisis. The need to post the ‘perfect’ selfie is too stressful that people are almost on the verge of self-objectifying themselves. Selfies are creating a superficial generation who might value looks above everything else in the coming time.

Technicians are basking in the glory of the selfie days. There has been an evidently increase in the existence of applications that are designed to allow the user to touch up and perfect their image before it surfaces online. All this has made people derive their sense of self-worth from the appearance, impacting their confidence and making one feel self-conscious of their body image.


Also, it makes people starve for approval from others, the more hit on the ‘like’ button, the more happy they might feel about themselves.

We jump on board with these trends, and we generally do it without thinking, but when we stop and ask ourselves why we’re actually doing it – what will we actually find? Can our confidence handle the brutally honest answer?

As I genuinely believe, selfies are the new autographs, people don’t need a pen and paper, they can just snap the moment. However, with the advent of selfies, are we on the verge of loosing the old-age charms? Are we not loosing the essence and exclusivity of ‘capturing a moment’? Are we just snapping away our self-esteem issues?

Yugansha Malhotra

The Viewspaper