Sense and Silhouettes

What is fashion? A collection of exquisite-looking clothes and accessories with labels that make them unaffordable? A mumble-jumble of this season’s must-haves as proclaimed by some glossy magazine and endorsed by your favorite celebrity? Drool-worthy clothes? Eye-popping colors? Silhouettes that make heads turn around?

If you want a pure definition of fashion, you should either get the help of a dictionary or make up one of your own, because just what fashion is, or what it should be, is often a bone of contention. It is easy to spot something ‘fashionable’ than telling what fashion actually means. Fashion means different things to different people because it is basically an art. Every person has their own opinion of it. It isn’t difficult, just mildly confusing. Throw in factors such as social class, age and profession and it becomes even more mysterious. But whatever the influencing factors may be, fashion plays a very important role in a woman’s life.

To me, fashion means an aesthetic blend of the elements of avant-garde coupled with a good sense of comfort. You can say the idea developed from the innate feminine desire to look presentable, yet unique. But fashion trends, or fads are notoriously fickle in nature. They change with the blink of an eye. What is a hype-creating fad today soon gets tossed aside to make room for yet another trend. It is but a vicious circle, old becomes new and new becomes old and so on.

Some religious fashionistas are in the habit of relying too much on the media and hence they run the risk of becoming fashion victims. Understandably so.

Because while most magazines and TV programs have picture-perfect models in gorgeous labels, let’s face it – not everyone can afford the labels. Nor is everyone born with the physique of super-models. Because in reality, for most people, fashion is based on wallet size and body shape. Also celebrities often overdo certain things for maximum drama element. That may not bode well with your personality. While people argue that fashion is just an excuse to splurge on pretty things, don’t let the designer-label bug bite you. There is nothing wrong with buying designer unless you don’t intend to use them to hide your insecurities.

From the Georgian Era, many things have influenced and inspired the fashion world into its present form. And films are up there on the top. Locally speaking, Bollywood always had maximum impact which made things sell like hot-cakes. From the yester years’ Dev Anand’s hats, Saadhana’s hari-cut, Shammi Kapoor’s jackets, Asha Parekh’s sleeveless blouses to present day’s Ghajini cut of Surya, Deepika’s  leggings, Ranbir’s funky Tee’s, fashion sizzled to the streets and made trend-setters. These days tattoos, streaked hair, Aviator shades, all have their say in what’s new and what’s hot of the season.

But at the end of the day, all it takes is tweaking the basics of which you already have and adding a signature style of your own.  Choose what looks good on you from what’s in style. Camouflage your flaws and flaunt your advantages. Indulge yourself.

Nandana Nallapu

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