It happens,,,, Its in the air, It’s just there. No matter how young or old, how fat or thin, how tall or short, how rich or poor you are, somewhere someone special is there for you. It is sometimes known as destiny, fate, magic but most appropriately Serendipity.


`Serendipity’ is a romantic comedy/drama, directed by Peter Chelsom. Lights, camera, a melodious cacophony and ‘Action’ must have been his words when a high camera angle shot of a freshly knit pair of cashmere gloves is taken. They are being elegantly carried to the display rack at Bloomingdales store, where Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) is shopping for a gift for his girlfriend, and Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) is looking something for her boyfriend when they reach for those same pair of gloves and the moment hits for them.


For Jonathan, it’s a significant emotional experience, and he realizes something has happened, that something has changed in his life; Sara feels the same, but being a true believer in destiny, she needs a sign that this is meant to be before she’ll consider pursuing whatever it is that’s just happened between them. Although engaged in prior relationships they spend the evening together. When the night reaches the inevitable end, love smitten Jonathan ask for her phone number but instead is greeted with a cute merry Christmas kiss and ‘thats it!’. But as destiny had better in stored for they met again thanks to the forgotten ‘muffler’. Now finally when they parted Sara, a firm believer in ‘meant-to-be’ wrote her name and number on a book “Love In The Time Of Cholera” and his on a Five dollar note and let destiny decide should they meet again.


Years pass and they both get engaged to different persons only to develop a innate craving for each other. The plot twists as the two try to find one another in New York City, seemingly against all odds, although they’re closer than either of them knows. Their paths almost cross several times, but not quite right. Finally, they met on the Rockefeller Centre as if destiny had decided this place and time for them.
The casting crew sure deserve a pat on the back for signing the beguiling Kate Beckinsale. Her elegance, charming smile and vivacious accent makes her irresistible on screen. John Cusack plays the role with much unexpected appeal after some not that great ventures like Con air, high fidelity and Pushing tin. They both are well supported by the underrated Jeremy Piven and the hilarious Eugene Levy. The first time screen writer, Marc Klein, sketched strong and a well rounded characters that keeps the audience glued. The use of time lapse camera work to illustrate the passage of years sure tells the sincerity of the director.


In addition to its two charismatic leads, Serendipity packs a comedic punch that induces several quality belly laughs. The most memorable moment of the film was when Jonathan’s friend gave him his Obituary. Yet, with its euphoric climax – swirling snowflakes, superlative soundtrack, and all – Serendipity never falls short of possessing a tender heart specifically designed to unite its two star-crossed lovers. The film is flattering, delicate, and much refreshing tale of two people who were just meant-to-be together. The reason this movie worked so well was the sweetness and the innocence of the film. Overall its a must watch film for the people who believe in fate and that everything is a part of a “sublime plan”. It has been quite correctly termed as “almost a classic” by IMDb (Internet Movie database.)


“Fate sends us little signs, and it’s how we read the signs that determines whether we are happy or not.”

Harshit Shukla

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