Seven Things Every Woman Must Learn From Daenerys Targaryen

Women, around the globe, and especially in India, are taught to be meek, gentle and circumspect. They are taught to be at the mercy of all the men in their lives. And though we see many women breaking free from the shackles of their subdued existence, there is still a long way to go. With rapes, dowry and discrimination wreaking havoc in their lives, there are various things Indian women can learn from Daenerys Targaryen.

  1. Don’t let them push you. Don’t.


From a highly self-centered abusive brother to a savage husband, Daenerys has seen them all. This is what makes her so similar to our women; from misplaced notions about honour, to being killed for dowry, women in many parts of our nation, still have to struggle for mere survival.

The next time your boyfriend, husband, brother or father raises his hand on you, you know what you ought to say and do!

It’s high time we stood up against physical violence and domestic abuse.

  1. “I will do what queens do, I will rule.”


Daenerys makes no bones about her about her ambitious nature. She wants what she wants. Rise up, shine and take what is yours. Until and unless you start treating yourself like queen, no one else will. Pursue your dreams, no matter how far-fetched they seem.

  1. “I will take what is mine, with Fire and Blood.”


Daenerys is the closest that can get to a typical mainstream Indian woman born into a middle class family, she doesn’t have wealth by her side, like the Lannister family in power; nor does she have the social ascendancy that comes with being a man, like the Starks. But Daenerys has proved that one can succeed against all odds.

  1. Be smart. Period.


Following her marriage to Khal Drogo, Daenerys finds herself surrounded by barbaric hyper-masculine men, in a strange culture only to find out that her husband doesn’t love her.

She knew that survival for her would be difficult if she turned completely hostile, so she does the smart thing. She throws herself into life with the Dothraki, gets absorbed in their unfamiliar culture, and also learns their language, only to become, one day, their Khaleesi!

  1. Stand up for others!


Daenerys teaches us to treat everyone equal. She teaches us to be emphatic and understanding. After becoming the leader of the Dothraki, these are the very qualities that lead her to her own amazing army of Dothraki men who are ready to lay down their lives only to ensure she gets the throne back.

6.  Rise above petty things!


Khaleesi is the perfect example of the difference between girls and women. She is a total badass, yet knows what is worth fighting for, and what’s not.

Grammar! Who has time for that?

Aren’t we meant for greater things, like taking over the world?

7. Be a kick-ass woman!


I mean, let’s accept it; eating the heart of a horse is no easy task. She teaches us that instead of cribbing about the mess, we should learn to embrace the messier aspects of life and emerge stronger!

8. Stop thinking that being a woman is not a limitation!


Do you intend to insult her by calling her a “woman”? Oh, don’t even bother because “insults” like that aren’t even worth her time, or her slap.

9. Lead by example.


One commands, not demands, respect. And Daenerys sure knows how to command respect. She believes in leadership that comes with unconditional respect. Unlike other men, she doesn’t lead her army with fear and violence; instead she commands appreciation, trust and faithfulness. She is passionately determined to not compromise her values, which is what makes her a great leader. Strong, empathetic and courageous, the Mother of Dragons brings her dragon babies to work, and leads an army of men who are free and yet choose to fight for her.

10. You do not need to look pretty all the time. You really do NOT!


It’s high time, we just learnt to embrace our bodies. Look at Daenerys, does she seem even slightly bothered about her hair or make up while she rides with the horses and leads her own army? Nobody is saying that make-up and hair make you stupid, you gotta do what you like, after all. But giving yourself a hard time to live up to someone else’s definition of perfect? Come on, you know you are better than that!

Ananya Singh

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